The Dialogue

Picture courtesy: https://www.vaticannews.va/en/vatican-city/news/2021-10/pope-francis-india-prime-minister-modi-meeting.html The invite to Pope Francis by Indian PM Narendra Modi, has epic repercussions. A letter was sent to Modi ji with our concerns. http://dwarapalakas.ca/appeal-to-modi-ji/ "Pope John Paul II has called for a Crusade against Hindus. Yes you heard it right! Crusade against Hindus!!"Unilateral Crusade Intend to keep track of developments. Please check back on this page. Just to give a heads up, no one is going to reciprocate his initiative, for example, a) Will Toronto Star or New York times start writing good about Hindus? b) Will Toronto University or Rutgers turn academic in its truest sense?