The Dialogue

If your ancestors were Hindu's and if you now wish to re-unite with your mother faith, we would be happy to facilitate it. We have a simple, serene process that would welcome you back into Hinduism. While you are in India, you were inundated with propaganda against the faith of your ancestors. Now you are in Canada you can see the reality for yourself. Do not feel shy to reach out to us.

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We summarize

There is a lot to cover but its work in progress. We present a compilation of arguments that were presented to you to abandon your Hindu faith. Please try to keep your newly acquired convictions apart momentarily and see the logic for yourself.

He did not come alone

When you choose Him did you notice he did not come alone. He bought his buddy Satan along with him into you. On entering he modified you. Before conversion and as a Hindu you were respectful towards all faiths. On conversion, you are have developed a hatred towards Hinduism. Without you being aware of, you gave up love and welcomed hatred into you. Hinduism never taught hatred. Do you see this?

You were "told" that Hinduism is not Scientific

Were you not told this?
- who invented planes?
- Who invented phones? .. etc
And the logic was, because they followed a scientific religion they invented all those things.. and you succumbed to that story.. Now that you are in the west, can you research about the facts of the story that was told to you? Please reach out with humbleness to Hindu scriptures for truth.

Were you trapped into with Hindu icons?

Were you not presented the alien religion with a touch of Hindu imagery, symbols, practices and names? Were you not made to believe that the new faith is a extension of Hinduism? Now you know the truth..