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Academic “Poralis”of Universities of Toronto & Harvard?

Post On:January 15, 2021

trioReview and report on the e-meet on 14th Jan, about Caste, meritocracy & social life / IIT Chennai: Organized by University of Toronto, Centre for south Asian studies. Poralis is a Tamil term referring to rebels and fighters: On the streets of Tamilnadu, & in today’s world it also means anarchist.”

By Gopala Krishna.
Bhavani Raman opened the meet by greeting all viewers a happy Pongal, the first festival of India which is celebrated across India in various names. It was announced that they are going to talk about IIT Chennai. Ajantha Subramaniam set the tone by reading out from the suicide note of Mr. Rohit Vemula, who committed suicide on a totally different campus that was 625 Kilometers apart.

And she got it started. “Brahmin bashing” how Brahmins occupied the centres of learning using a variety of tools of intellect. Traced a few examples to fit into her narrative agenda. Blended it with Dravidian politics. It was tirade of anti-Brahmanism with sprinkling of occasional academic terminology, but her intent and direction of conversation was not lost on anyone.

Then jumped in the Moderator Mr. Chinniah Jangam. He was as excited as a kid tasting the first candy of his life. It sounded like that he discovered in Ajantha Subramaniam a academic ally, who echoes his thought process. In his excitement, he lost track of his role as a moderator and time, and all the themed vocabulary came gushing out in a torrent. Hindu Fascism, The treachery of Brahmins & the related complete package of words.

Let us now move to our analysis:
– Made us wonder if these Indian academicians had any inkling of thought on how their talk and action will impact on the Image of India in western academic world. Its too early to say if academicians of other nations like Europe, Arabic, Chinese who practice in Toronto university, get equally excited to bad mouth the educational practices of their respective nations,
– The excitement of these IA’s to self bash Indian image seems to fit into the narrative of Indian history. Indian history is complete with examples of how people aided invaders / Aliens to quench their little bubbles of thirst,
– From their tone it sounded that since their ancestors were “denied” educational privileges by Brahmins in India, these IA’s are teaming up with White academicians to deny the platform of education to Indian students by classifying NA Indian students into Upper and lower castes,
– It was a bit humorous that the IA’s here were seeking justice on their story of educational persecution in India, at the doors of those whose minds echo the thought process of Mr. Macaulay.
– The central theme seems to replace Brahmanical supremacy in Education at IIT Chennai and replace it Christian supremacy. Those Indian Christian academicians of Chennai could be shadow controlled by western white academician

Conclusion: I did a video on “Brahmin hate entertainment “in Tamil Cinema last year. https://youtu.be/lkWCCuTlW-Y.
Out of 400 + comments, a cool 300 were abuses. Those abuses were by lay men of Tamilnadu who were blinded by hate against Brahmins. What was interesting was that the content of those abuses were in sync with the language used by the Academicians in this zoom meet. But to their credit, delivery and was different. Those from the streets of Chennai who indulged in such abuses are called “Poralis”. We can safely dub these IA’s as Academic Poralis.

Also noticed a deep sense of hurt in them. They feel perhaps their pain has not been acknowledged by Brahmins.Perhaps that hurt has to be addressed. The hurt that is currently being nurtured by India “friendly” forces. The term Brahmin must have been used at-least 50 times in the meet. Wonder what is their almost fatalistic obsession with Brahmins. This seems to be a challenge to their intellect. This coming from Academicians of Harvard & Toronto University? जन्मना जायते शुद्र: संस्कारात् द्विज् उच्यते|

There was a time when words like Harvard and Toronto University were hallowed for their quality of excellence, but this one was a disappointment. There was little of academics in tone, tenor, or analytical substance. In my 30 years of experience in discussions in India, USA & Canada, had such quality conversations with professors of various disciplines and I know what quality discussion is. One can notice a element of class and dignity emanating from the deep communication with knowledge, when one chats with a true academician.

However very little of that was observed in these Porali IA’s. This zoom meet was pure hate, Brahmin hate, given a coating of academic activity. While the front end was a totally Brown affair, thanks was duly expressed by the IA’s to mission chief Christoph Emmrich in absentia.

For those north Indians who dismiss this as a south Indian thing, please remember that South India is a testing laboratory for western experiments, that are backed by academic evangelical mindset. Once the outcome is evaluated, an appropriate strategy will be formulated for implementation in other IIT’s of India.

The irony of this meet can explained with a example. In 2015 Iran organized a conference in Tehran on the subject of “police brutality in USA. 20 “academicians” from USA flew to that conference. That is Academic activity with a political agenda! (https://freebeacon.com/national-security/iran-hosts-conference-on-police-brutality-against-blacks-in-america/)

We predict that the kind of academic activity this zoom meet did, is designed to trigger and cause strife on the streets where the end victims are poor and innocent of India.
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