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Corruption at Canada Hindu Temples

Post On:March 13, 2024

On Sivaratri day, the temple was closed to public but evangelical promotion was happening inside. The spiritual corruption with managements is spreading. This was at Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, Surrey BC. There is no ethics that govern these and many temples committees / management. For a few hundred dollars donation they could do any favor to you!

Corruption at Hindu Federation – Canada

Post On:January 14, 2024

(Art work commissioned by Dwarapalakas after careful consideration of his public actions)
Its with great pain we are compelled to report to the public about corruption at Federation of Temples of Canada. Made multiple attempts to reach out to the leadership of Mr.Roopnauth Sharma. Not only he closed the doors but challenged us to take the matter to the public. Hence bringing to your attention. Like a mix of politician, businessman, and half-priest he mixes things and either delays or avoids the multiple challenges facing the Hindu community of Canada. For example he plays either or combination of the below,
1) Brahmin Card,
2) West Indian Hindu card or
3) India politics card!

The federation website claims that they are the primary voice of Hindus. If that be so, what explains their actions with,

a) CBC issue
b) Kaali Poster issue,

There are multiple challenges facing Hindus and like a baby he “acts naive” on most of them but then has a healthy appetite on the privileges of Hindu identity! The primary area of corruption is the willingness to compromise on Hindu interests. The in-ability to stand up or put up a fight for Hindu interests, while stealing credit from other’s actions, is corruption of integrity. And that defeatist platform impacts the rest. Initiative’s taken by Hindu activists of Canada has been been vetoed by his parochial interests.His actions are not helping but actually causing harm to Hindus of Canada. Stay updated.

Police complaint filed

Post On:September 18, 2023

Toronto Police
22, Division, Toronto, ON.

18th September 2023,

Subject: Hate Incident complaint / Kaali Movie Poster by film maker Leena Manimekalai,
Ref: Criminal code: Sec 319(1) : Public Incitement of Hatred | Sec 319(2) : Wilful promotion of Hatred

We are writing this to file a formal complaint on this hate incident by a Toronto based person Manimekalai who was supported by Toronto based institutions like York University, Metropolitan University & Aga Khan Museum. This is the poster in reference.
kaali poster

It is harmful and has caused emotional and psychological stress to Hindus across world. The complaint here is depicting a Hindu goddess doing substance. That is a work of hate and an assault on the religious beliefs of Hindus across national, and language barriers. To draw a parallel and help you understand it better this is equivalent to Christians of Canada been show an artwork Jesus smoking or Muslims of Canada been shown an artwork of Allah smoking.

Her work is a display of hate masquerading as artwork and is misuse of section 2 of charter of rights.
The way the offense was committed, and comments made during and after clearly makes us all Hindus as & are targeted. We present her quote to BBC as reference to the relevant circumstances surrounding the offense. “In my film, Kali chooses me as a spirit, holds a Pride flag and a camera in her hands and meets the First Nations (Indigenous people), the People of African, Asian, Persian descent, the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims and the mini-universe that one can capture across any cross-section of Canada,”

In that statement she has excluded Hindus and thus the intent seems to pit them against her world of mini-universe. It is public incitement of hatred. We as Hindu feel targeted, victimized as the above statement is intended to embrace them all and while excluding Hindus. The intent seems to be plant the seeds of hatred against Hindus in the minds of her chosen mini-universe. That

The Human rights act of Canada says, “ A person must not publish, issue, or display, or cause to be published, issued, or displayed, any statement, publication, notice, sign, symbol, emblem or other representation that is likely to expose a person or a group or class of persons to hatred or contempt”

The poster intends to stigmatize Hindus by targeting their religious beliefs to substance abuse. Our organization has received forty-one complaints from Hindus of Canada and there are thousands online that echo this complaint. The movie maker is on a student visa at the time when the poster was released. While the Canadian society is struggling with the issue of drug abuse, the poster intends to give a religious sanction to promoting drugs. Our organization has received forty-one complaints from Hindus of Canada and there are thousands online that echo this complaint.

The following supporting documents are enclosed

  • Letter to Metropolitan university
  • Hinduism discrimination document
  • Screening request letters 1 & 2
  • Human rights intervention request
  • Sequence of events
  • CBC reporting Hate
  • CBC reporting screening

Not only is the poster hateful towards Hindus but then turns the tables by accusing Hindus of being hateful in nature. Why even create stir an otherwise peaceful community? The status of the film maker has since moved to resident artist from a student visa. What was the Motive and intent of this poster.

Our forecast is that a similar incident will flare up after a pause. This first poster was a test release to analyze Hindu response.  As a Hindu organization representing Hindus with no known history of violence on American soil, the question that fills is the mind is, “Why trigger or plant seeds of future controversies / conflict”?

I will be happy to be available for any clarifications, or to provide additional information as required by you.

Gopala Krishna
Director – Dwarapalakas

Statement by Indian High commission

high commission

Kaali Poster & Role of Hindu Federation

Post On:March 19, 2023

Academic Hindu phobia
Academic Hindu phobia

19th Mar, 2023,

Attn of: Temples of Canada!

Academic Hindu Phobia is flourishing at select Universities of Canada. Following the screening of the movie Kaali a 2nd movie that has a theme of upper caste / lower caste division of Hindu gods was screened at UTT. The director of Kaali was the chief guest at the event.

Wish to bring to attention the involvement of Mr.Roopnauth representing the Hindu federation of Canada. He has assured the Hindu community of three things
1) That an apology was extracted from Aga Khan Museum
2) That an apology was extracted from Metropolitan university
3) That discussions were held to prevent such occurrences in future.
However, the screening of another film that is Hindu Phobic in nature at University of Toronto, challenges the assurances that the president of Hindu federation offered to us.

The president of Hindu federation demonstrated unusual haste in closing the Kaali 1 Case. We are not sure of his motivation in closing the case in such a hurry. A few questions arise,
1- What has been the nature of his discussions with the university?
2- Why has the Academica not taken his assurances to Hindus seriously?
3- What steps is he taking to prevent screening of such Hindu Phobic work?

Our work as a Hindu advocacy group stands nullified if he is signing oral agreements with the officials of Academia! Is this a casual thing that can be dismissed as just another screening? Do we see a pattern here? Should we be writing this? Should not the federation be leading this initiative as its your premises that house Kaali in various avataars. By such screening is not your leadership being challenged? Do you exert any moral or intellectual authority over the Canadian academia?

On the Manimegalai Kaali movie thing she secured a favourable ruling from the Supreme court of India at a remarkably short notice. You can notice how well connected and coordinated the actions are. Is the leadership of Hindu Federation under Mr.Roopnauth is even aware of the gravity and complexities of the issue? Is it in a position to assure us that Kaali-2 will not happen? Does he have the drive to do so?

Such screenings have a strong negative impact on the safety and security of Hindu students at academic institutions. If another such screening happens, it will be due to the laxity that Hindu federation is offering to such screening.

Jan 2022, Letter to Temples of Canada

Post On:January 16, 2022

We are writing this to you as we believe you represent Hindu interests in your respected constituency. Any or all the following may be of interest to you,

1- Institutions / Individuals who do not identify themselves with Sanathana Dharma are securing positions to represent Hindu interests with govt / academia in Canada
2- Hindu studies at various universities of Canada
3- Organized attempts to malign the good image of Hindu temple work
4- Non complimentary reporting of the peaceful psyche of Hindus

We need to ask you, where you see yourself in this scenario? We understand that running a temple is not an easy work. Are all your energies limited to that area of survival? Or would you have time to allocate a part of your time / intellect to protect and work for larger Hindu interests in Canada? You may realize that in the absence of your leadership, you are conceding the rights of Hindu leadership to others!

The purpose of this letter is to seek your advice on critical things ahead in 2022. That way you will not accuse us of having acted without taking you into confidence. We are not aware of your current apprehensions or insecurities. All we request you is not to make any assumptions about our work without talking with us. If you feel enthusiastic about this mail, please Schedule a info session with Dwarapalakas

A sincere appreciation of the decent work you are doing in your current capacity. We understand that there are various denominations and sampradayas, but we all share the benevolence and shelter of the vast umbrella of Sanathana Dharma. We are all proud that we wish सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः

Best Wishes
Gopala Krishna
Director (PR)
The Dwarapalaka Team

Hindu Catholic Dialogue

Post On:October 2, 2021

Trust us this meet was different, Hindu concerns were quite effectively addressed.. but its a arduous journey with many things on agenda ahead!!
hindu catholic diallogue

Hindu Catholic Dialogue – Canada

Post On:September 22, 2021

To those who complain that Hindu leadership of Canada is not doing its role effectively this article proves it otherwise. Wish to acknowledge and congratulate the leadership of Hindu Federation of Canada who maintained dialogue to Canadian standards and blended it with best Hindu traditions.They did not hesitate a bit to represent Hindu interests effectively. We can say for sure that Hindus are in safe Hands with HF when it comes to critical issues.
In the spirit of communication this dialogue is in operation now. We can share details to those who are interested. Key participants to the dialogue are
1- https://www.cccb.ca/church-in-dialogue/interreligious-dialogue/catholic-hindu-dialogue/
2- https://www.hindufederation.ca/
The most recent meeting was in Sep 2021, and while many things were discussed, this part of the interaction on current controversy is being presented here..
Dwarapalakas Wish to ask CCCB, many who are affiliated with University of Toronto on this conference of Dismantling Hindutva
CCCB: Co-sponsored by departments of over 50 US universities, including Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, New York University, Cornell and Northwestern University, a three-day global academic conference addressing the rise of Hindu nationalism is being held from September 10-12.Titled ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva Conference’, the virtual conference seeks to look into issues relating to the Hindu supremacist ideology from a scholarly perspective.
Dwarapalakas This is exactly the problem “ Hindu does not have a supremacist ideology”
CCCB: But soon after the event was first announced, Hindu groups both at home and abroad have touted it as “Hindu phobic” and demanded for it to be called off. They have also launched a sustained online campaign against its organisers.The event’s organisers say they have been on the receiving end of harassment by various Hindu groups, some of which have resorted to sending them threats of violence and death. The organisers say the theme of the conference has been grossly misconstrued as an attack on Hinduism, when, in fact, the aim is to study Hindutva as a right-wing political movement.” From The Indian Express
Dwarapalakas Who are the event organizers and what are their views? if anyone examine their work you will see clearly a bias . Hindus have not to date involve in any terrorist activities any where in the world. Today as the world remember the Sept 11 Islamic terrorist, this group is discussing Hindu hate. Is this conference deliberate attempt to change the conversation?
CCCB: What do we know about the ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva Conference’? Most of the organisers of the event — which is being held between Friday, September 10 and Sunday, September 12 — have chosen to remain anonymous. They have, however, released a lengthy list of prolific speakers and academicians who will be participating in the conference.The conference will host a number of panels on the rise of Hindutva, caste-based oppression, Islamophobia, and the persecution of minorities in India. “This is a major international scholarly conference which has garnered support and sponsorship from many different university departments and academic units across the US with the participation of well-known intellectuals from both India and the US,” a statement released by the South Asia Scholar Activist Collective (SASAC) read, noting that “concerted and organised efforts” have been made to prevent the conference from proceeding.“
Dwarapalakas Thank you for the extract from the newspaper Indian express. If you have access to data would be happy to receive info on any examples where North American Hindu’s have either expressed or carried out threats of death against any academician, religious or otherwise in North America. The key participants at the “dismantling Hindutva” conference are Indians and based in India, who don multiple / mixed hats of identities political, religious & are entangled in other regional issues within India. Any threats within India for “non academic issues”are no reflection on the good spirit of peace loving North American Hindus. Attributing violence to NA Hindus sounds like a pre-emptive propaganda attempt to put NA Hindus on the defensive mode. Hindu violence in NA is a imaginary paper tiger, neither muscle or teeth to it. Perhaps its time to call it out for the fiction it is.
CCCB: Your points seem insightful Dwarapalaka. I only heard about this conference this morning, so am unclear about all the related issues and interests at play here.
HF: Have noticed this in multiple cities, towns across India. Evangelicals from NA, who visit India are given VIP / Royalty reception by Indians. Right from the moment they land at Airport to the entire duration of stay. Perhaps you have experienced it. Not sure if you have been to India in your role as a messenger of Christ. Reid Locklin was speaking of his fascinating experience at Chennai city, South India.
CCCB: I was extremely well treated when I visited India many years ago. Glad to hear this continues.
Dwarapalakas Suggestion for next topic of discussion,” Ethical Evangelism in India & Hindus approach towards North American Christianity”. This conference at University of Toronto is more about dismantling Hinduism!

Mr.Reid Locklin

Post On:May 24, 2021

We present selected communication with this fine Gentleman Mr.Reid Locklin. Hindus of Canada may be aware that this Gentleman is leading the evangelism drive, targeting Hindus in Canada, under the banner of “Hindu-Catholic drive”. His approach is to target Temple leadership.

Dear Mr. Reid Locklin,
(letter sent in 2017)

It has been over a year since you successfully won the confidence of Sringeri Vidya Bharathi Foundation Temple Toronto. I was in the audience when you delivered your speech on, “Viveka”. I was impressed by your style of presentation and your studious work in associating yourself to a culture that is alien to you. Your concluding line asking Hindus to show “Viveka” towards JC jolted me out of my reverie. It naturally led me to your online work on theology & discovery of your Jesuit goals. Your fascinating style led me on a journey on the web and the discovery that you may be inspired by Jesuits of Tamilnadu like,

A common thread in the approach of the above Jesuits was the significant effort they put in and succeeded in assimilating themselves to Tamil culture. For example

* Robert De Nobili, learnt Tamil and Sanskrit, wore Sandal paste
on his forehead, wooden sandals on feet and had the Kundili on his

* Joseph Beschi learnt Tamil and wanted to challenge Kamba
Ramayana and came out with Thembaavani, and laid the foundation of
hate speech against Hindus with his work, “Paramartha Guruvum
avarin Seedarkalum”

* Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg Sr called himself the Zieganbalg Iyer
and by his work laid the foundation for “Anti-Brahmanism” in

* George Uglow Pope, translated Tamil works to endear himself to
the Tamil literary works and laid the foundation for the strategy
of, “praising Hindus to pull them down”

I wish to complement you on your highly intelligent insights into Tamil Brahmin psychology. Even your body language was so in sync with Hindu way, and you can almost pass off as a Tamil Brahmin. The gentlemen at SVBF Toronto who facilitated your lecture are we believe simple hearted fine people, who are open and welcoming in true Hindu spirit. Perhaps they succumbed to your suave talk.

Online, I could see that the most Reverend Daniel Miehm, Auxiliary Bishop of Hamilton, is serving as the Catholic Co-Chair. & Dr. Tinu Ruparell, Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Calgary, is the Hindu Co-Chair. Jean-Louis Cardinal Tauran, President & Bishop Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot, MCCJ Secretary (PONTIFICAL COUNCIL FOR INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE) have used a critical term “Respect for others” in their 2017 Deepavali greeting. However, there is not much on the objectives of HCD. Would u have a copy of the stated objectives of HCD?

GK / Dwarapalakas

Hindu leadership of Canada is no match to the suave, diplomatic and smooth talking evangelist like Mr.Reid Locklin. What will Hindus do and where will they seek a spiritual platform if our Temple leadership do not show resilience, and working to preserve our space in the face of sophisticated evangelism? 

Mail to Temples of Canada

Post On:April 1, 2021

This mail was sent to all Temples of Canada.
We are Dwarapalakas. You may be familiar with our work via direct or indirect communication.
As there is a growing focus of inclusion of diverse identities & faiths in developed countries like Canada, the understanding and correct representation of these diverse faiths becomes especially important. We all can agree Hinduism is one of the most diverse, rich, ancient, and multifaceted faiths. When it comes to understanding Hinduism in Canada and spreading Hindu values, temples are at the forefront of it. We represent ourselves as the followers, believers and advocates of Hinduism. In addition to that, our group represents many devotees of temples across Canada.
Dwarapalakas goal is to establish an academic communication between Hindu scholars and scholars from various faiths in Canada as well as to address the challenges that Hindus face in Canada due to their identity of being Hindus. We believe temples have a big role to play when it comes to propagating and defending Hindu values in right spirit.
We trust that Dwarapalakas and you can be effective partners in meeting our shared goals. It would be great if you could spend some time to discuss this with us. In this meeting, we can introduce our priorities and together we can establish areas where we can leverage the synergies to strengthen Hindu ecosystem in Canada.
Please let us know a suitable time and we can send you a Zoom or Google meet invite accordingly. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Dwarapalaka Team

Temple reach out Program

Post On:January 17, 2021

We have been successful in compiling the authentic list of all Temples of Canada. This project took almost a year’s work. To get the true coordinates and contact credentials of the management. We have been seeking out individual appointments and last year it got hit badly due to Covid. Yet we managed to meet many of them. We presented our 5 point agenda and to be honest we are quite happy with the response from almost all the temples we visited. Temple managements liked our non emotional and balanced articulation of challenges and goals.
In fact we were pleasantly surprised at the counter offer of help on the objectives of Dwarapalakas. They liked our very name itself and many felt it was very unique. Few did ask, why the name “Dwarapalakas”? We replied in fact that our work starts and stops at the door steps of the Temples. We have little interest on the internal affairs of any Temple. This offered them the requisite confidence. Because a Temple would be approached by many and they have a duty to protect the interests of the Temple.
Its unfortunate that Covid is extending to 2021 but we hope to e-meet them and discuss goals ahead. We also had a multiple meetings with the Federation of Hindu Temples. We also reached out to Peel Police and Toronto police on the need of including Hindus into their community consultative committees.We are also quite proud that we establish working relationships with fellow Hindu organizations.
Vedanta society of Toronto seems to be a major challenge. we have been doing a one way communication with them for over 10 years. There has been no response from them. We need to think creatively on how to connect with them. For the benefit of readers, Toronto University has a Hindu Chaplin. His name is Mr.Kripyananda. Yes he is the head of Vedanta society. Yet he professes strong christian beliefs and the image below explains the contradiction that he is avoiding to talk about.

Mail to Canada Temples

Post On:July 14, 2020


Who owns the leadership of Hindu leadership of Canada?
The last time Hindu leadership was in public domain was during the Toronto star event at which Dr. Doobey demonstrated Hindu resolve. That was almost a decade back.
When interacting with a respected Hindu Temple, the chief was borrowing the word Kingdom and introduced a new term Templedom as a synonym for Temple managements. That sounds so factual. We also notice that few temples have compromised on their “Dharma” leadership. (Will discuss it in person)
Taking a cue from Islamic, Jewish, and Christian leadership many Hindus believe that Temples would take the initiative for Hindu issues. However there seems to be a concern about the absence of visible Hindu leadership in Canada. And that perhaps explains a proliferated number of organizations that claim to represent Hindus. Each one vents their concerns on social media.
In our opinion there are pressing issues concerning Hindus of Canada. We do not wish to blind side you with unilateral thoughts and actions from our end. And we do not wish to be surprised at a later stage that we did not communicate to you on this subject.
Perhaps you are occupied with tasks of Temple management and are not inclined towards expending your energies on Hindu activist issues. We do not intend on confrontation with no one. We aim at dialogue to Canadian standards of ethics, courtesy, and civil communication.
We would respect your inputs on decisions and actions we intend to make.

Mail to Canada Temples

Post On:May 25, 2020

We wish to bring to your kind attention a few developments of Canada.
Corona and response of Temples:
We notice on websites of Temples of Canada that they have taken special initiatives towards reach out to Hindus during this corona crises. While its highly appreciative, it is disappointing to note that the Canada media has chosen to ignore these initiatives by Hindu temples of Canada. On the other Hand Islamic, Christian effort in this direction has been reported in Canadian main stream media
Azan controversy;
The permission to let the Islamic Azan on loud speakers is a grim reminder of “things” that have happened in India. More than one time those loudspeakers have been used for non-religious purposes. Wish to ask your thoughts on that sensitive subject. For example, the Islamic leadership has demonstrated unity in action on securing these permissions. Would this be of concern to you?
Hindu leadership in Canada:
Two law suits are in works by individual initiatives,
1) Against the Mississauga city on the Azan
2) A suit in defence of a Hindu who was terminated from peel school board for his tweet.
Wish to ask if they approached you for support or have you reached out to them offering support. Is this trend of Individual activism good or should there be a co-ordinated centralized approach?
3) Would you as a Temple and centre of authority, restrict yourself to Temple administration and Devotional work or would you be kind enough to extend your leadership to Hindu issues of Canada?
Perhaps you have already taken some initiatives and we would be happy to be advised accordingly.

What would you think?

Post On:January 1, 2020

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This was the mail sent by a Temple in USA recently. What does it say of us?


Evangelism – Canada Style!

Post On:September 14, 2019

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Most Hindus of Canada feel secure here on the belief that evangelism is happening only in India and they are safe and strong here. They could be right because evangelism here is not done in the style and manner as its done in India. Here is very subtle and strategic and top level. Here it happens under the banner of “Hindu- Catholic dialogue”. We got a first glimpse of this scheme at The Sringeri Vidya Bharathi Temple in Etobicoke, Toronto. A gentleman named Mr.Reid Locklin was invited on “Sankara Jayanthi”day to speak on the subject of “Vivekam”. We will come to that story later but on following the trail of Mr.Reid Locklin, we discovered the following,

1- Hindu Catholic dialogue is not a Hindu initiative. (We abbreviate it as HCD). It’s the initiative of the Church
2- HCD is a formal structure and operates across major western cities of world
3- Key players in Canada are the University of Toronto (UFT) and The Vedanta society (TVS)
4- It seems that UFT in consultation with TVS sets the agenda to reach out to Hindu Temples

The image below presents a overview,
dialogue flow chart
Now let’s examine the first institution.
Institution / Temple no 1: Vedanta Society – Toronto
Many would associate the term “Vedanta”with Hinduism as it holds special significance for Hindus rooted in deep spiritual knowledge. However this institution is directly engaging in Evangelism under the guise of a Hindu identity. Please check the image below that has non Hindu and Christian icon in the main altar,


Analysis: On studyings its activities over the years the following information emerges

  1. This institution is the focal point and platform to reach out to Hindu Temples
  2. The leadership has been compromised from its Hindu centric thought
  3. The staff including its head Swami Kripyananda holds Christian evangelical convictions
  4. However it has retained its physical Hindu identity in dress and rituals
  5. Hindu rituals at this institution are given a christian finishing touch
  6. Talks on Hindu scriptures are merged into Christian theology thinking
  7. Hindu physical identity & terminology as a spear head to communicate to Temples
  8. Serves as a meeting point for Hindu leaders for discussions on Hindu catholic dialogue
  9. Our team made 10 attempts to have a dialogue with Swami Kripyananda & no response


  1. Is it appropriate to engage in evangelical activity under the guise of Hinduism?
  2. Is it ok for Hindu leaders of Toronto to patronise this
  3. Would Hindus of Canada approve of such a deceptive practice?

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To Temples of Canada

Post On:March 15, 2019

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Namaskar Shriman ji,

We take responsible pleasure in writing to you. This mail is to address some key issues that relates to Hindus and Hinduism in Canada. You may have received our email in Feb 2019. This is a snail mail version.

Hindu – Christian dialogue : There is a series of initiatives happening in Canada under the banner of “Hindu Christian dialogue” or “Hindu -catholic dialogue”? Few temples are already “engaged”. We are writing to provide you an alert on the key result of such dialogue.
1)Situation is created where Temple managements feel obliged to open doors for evangelicals
2)No reciprocal privileges are given, while Christian messages are introduced into Hindu temples

Dwarapalakas: We are a group of independent Hindus that are free of any affiliations. Our objective is to engage in communication keeping in view the self respect and interest of Canada Hindus.

Our area of work includes
1] Positive and Canadian way of responding to Hindu catholic dialogue,
2] Right of freedom of religion to Canadian Hindus,
3] UN laws on religious freedom &
4] Hindu heritage

Racism targeting Hindus of Canada: One cannot deny the existence of subdued racism against Hindus and Hindu institutions of Canada. Many do not seem to have adequate training on how to respond to the challenges of a multi-racial society like Canada.

Canadian School text books: Inputs from non-Hindu leaders is being factored while preparing text books syllabus for schools in Canada. Both Indian & non-Indian children should receive factual information.

Canadian Media: As Canadian Indians we owe it to our self to have a positive image of Hinduism on TV/ Radio, web and print media of Canada. Though we come from various parts of India with different languages, Negative press for Hindus in Canadian media impacts us adversely at family, school & career.

Information kit: As a first step, we wish to enquire if your temple has been approached by any Church under the banner of Hindu – Christian dialogue? If so, please do not feel isolated. You can reach to our experts who can be of help. You can receive a free information kit. Please include relevant information in your response.

Dialogue: We are successful in establishing dialogue with professors of religious studies, community / political leaders & Government at various levels. We hope to work with good will, and blend faculties.

The Dialogue Team

Our action with Vedanta Society – Part A

Post On:August 1, 2015

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We have been monitoring this since 2010. This is the copy of the first mailer sent in 2013. Courtesy and values demand a response. As of date we did not received any response. We followed it up with 3 mails by Canada post, 4 emails. Now we are compelled to go public.

Swami Kripamayananda,
Vedanta Society,
120 Emmett, Toronto,
ON M6M 2E3
Dear Swami Kripamayananda,

On a recent visit to your society I was surprised to find an image of JC along with images of Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, Sarada Devi, Gautama Buddha and Swami Vivekananda,

• Vedanta society of Toronto did not have a picture of JC when conceived. Why would the society do something of that kind now?
• To put things in perspective, Shri Ramakrishna Parahamansa was a profound Sanathana Dharmist and in sync with those principles have had taken a rare cursory consider other creeds like Islam and Christianity to evaluate their spiritual strengths, and the society cannot use those experiments to justify JC picture at the society,
•If the society is going to use the experiment of Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa as an argument to justify its action, then the fact remains that he also experimented with Islam. So, would you also soon have Islamic symbols on the spiritual platform of the society?
•If the society is bringing in the inclusiveness agenda, then you would naturally possess the spiritual strength to persuade Islamic and Christian religious centers in North America, to have images of Shri Ramakrishna Parahamansa, Buddha and Swami Vivekananda on their spiritual platform at their locations! Are you moving in that direction?
•Not sure if the committee members have taken a walk on the streets of India in the recent past where Evangelical activity is intense. The hostility that Evangelical Christian workers display against Sanathana Dharma defies basic civility. And a closer example within North American borders, is the book by a western scholar who propagates the idea of a homo-sexual relationship between Shri Ramakrishna Parahamansa and Swami Vivekananda. In such a one sided, scenario how can you have the picture of JC on the Vedanta platform?
•The image of JC on your spiritual platform stirs the question, “Has the current leadership of Vedanta society of Toronto compromised on its cultural, religious and spiritual strengths? Is it deceptively patronizing evangelical objectives?”
Majority of Indians living in GTA are not aware of this development at the Vedanta society. They would be as shocked if they come to know of this development at the society in the name of Vedanta. Vedanta is an intrinsic Hindu thing. It cannot be either diluted nor segregated from Sanathana Dharma to favor third party creeds.
Every day Hindus look up to organizations like yours for spiritual strength and guidance. If you dilute the spiritual heritage that was passed by enlightened Sanathana Dharma gurus, then both the future generations and the current GTA Dharma population will feel betrayed with your parochial approach. In consideration of the above factors it becomes imperative to urge the Toronto Vedanta society to,
a) Revert the spiritual platform of the Vedanta society to its original pristine pedestal without recalcitrant delay,
b) If you forecast a delay due to any internal issues then Dharma practitioners of GTA should also see the images of Shri Ramakrishna, Sarada Devi, Gautama Buddha and Swami Vivekananda on the spiritual platforms of Churches and Mosques of Canada.
Best Regards,
The Dialogue Team,
7th August, 2013
PS:It also becomes relevant to comment that we have nothing against JC. He is one of the many saints who walked the earth, but are surely against the hostile actions against Sanathana Dharma that are happening in the name of JC. It would be a tragedy if the leadership of Vedanta society of Toronto, is facilitating soft core, back door and closet Evangelism for financial or other career privileges. That would also be a demonstration of cultural weakness. And you would agree that Swami Vivekananda has always championed for strength.

Our action with Vedanta Society – Part B

Post On:April 10, 2015

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vedtanta visit

We decided to pay a visit to Toronto Vedanta Society (VST)and this is our report.

Mr. Kripamayananda who goes by the definition (minister – a christian term) was not available and was in Ottawa. We met Mrs.Rina Chakravarthy the care taker & Mr.Buddhadev the reader. Our team introduced ourselves and the purpose of our visit was to meet Mr.Kripamayananda and desire to know the working of the VST
The lady Mrs.Rina Chakravarthy said she is 70 + with health issues which evoked sympathy from the team. But as our team member said her faculties are strong and her line of communication confirmed our fears!
For example she said the following
1) That we are activists groups
2) That some of their members were asking why Jesus picture is small
3) Was explaining how Ramakrishna paramahamsa had visions of Mr.J
4) Mr.Buddhadev on the other hand understood our visit and slipped away
Our team responded the following way
1) That Ramakrishna hardly spoke and hence the story of his visions are false
2) Why are churches nearby not having pics of Vivekananda
VST is aware that what they are doing is a deceptive work
VST is emboldened due to lack of protest and awareness by Hindus of Toronto
VST is being used as a platform by the church to enter other temples of Toronto. This is the key concern.
Next steps
We believe that VST should invite us for a formal dialogue on this issue of mis-use of Hinduism on many levels