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Police complaint filed

Post On:September 18, 2023

Toronto Police
22, Division, Toronto, ON.

18th September 2023,

Subject: Hate Incident complaint / Kaali Movie Poster by film maker Leena Manimekalai,
Ref: Criminal code: Sec 319(1) : Public Incitement of Hatred | Sec 319(2) : Wilful promotion of Hatred

We are writing this to file a formal complaint on this hate incident by a Toronto based person Manimekalai who was supported by Toronto based institutions like York University, Metropolitan University & Aga Khan Museum. This is the poster in reference.
kaali poster

It is harmful and has caused emotional and psychological stress to Hindus across world. The complaint here is depicting a Hindu goddess doing substance. That is a work of hate and an assault on the religious beliefs of Hindus across national, and language barriers. To draw a parallel and help you understand it better this is equivalent to Christians of Canada been show an artwork Jesus smoking or Muslims of Canada been shown an artwork of Allah smoking.

Her work is a display of hate masquerading as artwork and is misuse of section 2 of charter of rights.
The way the offense was committed, and comments made during and after clearly makes us all Hindus as & are targeted. We present her quote to BBC as reference to the relevant circumstances surrounding the offense. “In my film, Kali chooses me as a spirit, holds a Pride flag and a camera in her hands and meets the First Nations (Indigenous people), the People of African, Asian, Persian descent, the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims and the mini-universe that one can capture across any cross-section of Canada,”

In that statement she has excluded Hindus and thus the intent seems to pit them against her world of mini-universe. It is public incitement of hatred. We as Hindu feel targeted, victimized as the above statement is intended to embrace them all and while excluding Hindus. The intent seems to be plant the seeds of hatred against Hindus in the minds of her chosen mini-universe. That

The Human rights act of Canada says, “ A person must not publish, issue, or display, or cause to be published, issued, or displayed, any statement, publication, notice, sign, symbol, emblem or other representation that is likely to expose a person or a group or class of persons to hatred or contempt”

The poster intends to stigmatize Hindus by targeting their religious beliefs to substance abuse. Our organization has received forty-one complaints from Hindus of Canada and there are thousands online that echo this complaint. The movie maker is on a student visa at the time when the poster was released. While the Canadian society is struggling with the issue of drug abuse, the poster intends to give a religious sanction to promoting drugs. Our organization has received forty-one complaints from Hindus of Canada and there are thousands online that echo this complaint.

The following supporting documents are enclosed

  • Letter to Metropolitan university
  • Hinduism discrimination document
  • Screening request letters 1 & 2
  • Human rights intervention request
  • Sequence of events
  • CBC reporting Hate
  • CBC reporting screening

Not only is the poster hateful towards Hindus but then turns the tables by accusing Hindus of being hateful in nature. Why even create stir an otherwise peaceful community? The status of the film maker has since moved to resident artist from a student visa. What was the Motive and intent of this poster.

Our forecast is that a similar incident will flare up after a pause. This first poster was a test release to analyze Hindu response.  As a Hindu organization representing Hindus with no known history of violence on American soil, the question that fills is the mind is, “Why trigger or plant seeds of future controversies / conflict”?

I will be happy to be available for any clarifications, or to provide additional information as required by you.

Gopala Krishna
Director – Dwarapalakas

Statement by Indian High commission

high commission