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Rouge Brahmin’s

Post On:March 13, 2024

For a “dakshina” many a Brahmin seem to be happy to “sell” his services,

Then right here in Canada we have intellectual Brahmins who happily collude with Adharmic forces to win favors including awards.

Gurudwara & Mizo Christian

Post On:February 13, 2024

What do we make of this? Can readers send in their comments? We are not sure what is happening!

Wembly Shiva Temple London, UK

Post On:January 23, 2024

Wait for this to happen in Canada! No lessons learn either from history or current trends!

Hush it up in India

Post On:January 15, 2024


if something like this happens in India, its usually buried with hush money. Was visiting a popular south Indian restaurant in Toronto. There was another single white male, 45 years approx, enjoying Indian food and had the looks of a missionary. He was blowing kisses to young boys when Hindu parents were not looking. If its challenged, the restaurant owner will side with missionary. The Hindu who challenged will be made to look like a fool!

Hate gets Creative!

Post On:September 18, 2023

The hate against Hinduism real. This image tries to depict

a) That Buddha who is the savior of Dalits is being attacked
b) That the attackers are Brahmins who severed Buddha’s head
c) And Lord Buddha head is replaced with head of Ganesha

While the idea is borrowed from Lord Ganesha Birth story, the twisted goals seems to be that

1) Dalits should with one stroke hate both Brahmins and Ganesha.
2) That they get to generate anger on Brahmins and Ganesha

End objective is that generated anger can detach Dalits from Hinduism and thus unlock the doors of Dalit minds to embrace Buddhism. And politico- religio observers of India, know that embracing Buddhism is a euphemism for conversion to Abrahamic religions. There are skilled political players who play this game and are quite successful in exploiting the poor Dalit minds to their game plan.

And to release such art work on Ganesha Chaturthi day is to spoil the celebration for Sanathana Dharma practitioners. Its to irk them and get them to respond in anger. That responsive anger is later translated as fabricated propaganda of Dalit persecution.

This is a work of a mind that has hate as it foundation, disruptive in nature and not healthy to any society in general. Such hate factories are now legitimate political parties. This image is the creative work from Tamilnadu India!

The creative team is part of the “Dravida model”. Those creative artists have reached the mainland of Canada as well! Check back for updates!

Caste discrimination by Christians

Post On:July 22, 2022

‘Dalit’ Christian employee of Loyola College, Chennai, India complains of caste discrimination, sexual harassment and more, names principal in scandal: It is being complained by Lawrence that he is not the only one who has gone through this ordeal at Loyola College. He says there are over 25 employees who have been harassed with fake complaints and fired, simply because they were “lower caste Christians”.

Lawrence D’Cruz, a former student of Loyola College, started working at the university in October 2013. On the 23rd of April 2022, Lawrence was terminated by the college for reasons, that he says are fabricated. According to Lawrence, he was constantly discriminated against, made to do menial jobs, abused for being a “Dalit” and sexually harassed. It was when he spoke up against the injustice, the college, according to him, concocted charges and terminated his employment. Lawrence was pursuing his MBA, but he could not complete the course, he said while talking to OpIndia, due to the “indifference by Reverend Father Thomas Amirtham, the Principal of Loyola College. Father Thomas Amirthan was also the former Director of the Alumni Association, of which Lawrence was a part and was working for.

Click here for full article

Pope Francis visit to India

Post On:April 9, 2022

The invite to Pope Francis by Indian PM Narendra Modi, has epic repercussions. A letter was sent to Modi ji with our concerns. Pope John Paul II has called for a Crusade against Hindus. Yes you heard it right! Crusade against Hindus!!”Unilateral Crusade Intend to keep track of developments. Please check back on this page. Just to give a heads up, no one is going to reciprocate his initiative, for example, a) Will Toronto Star or New York times start writing good about Hindus? b) Will Toronto University or Rutgers turn academic in its truest sense? Will the west reciprocate the good gesture? On the contrary they will see it as caving in and the net result is increase in aggressive evangelism. In fact the Vatican released a statement a day prior to this hug referencing Hindu Nationalism. Surely this meet meet was planned ahead, and then why would vatican raise the issue of Hindu Nationalism, a day prior to the meet? That explains the approach and attitude. They want to subjugate Hindu India. Why would Modi hug the Pope and embarrass himself and the millions of Hindus who support him? Do you see the Chinese leadership hugging the Pope? Or was he comparing his 56 to Pope’s? While we have local Hindu politicians selling themselves to rich evangelicals, this is mass surrender!!

Weak nations bullied into Catholic Christianity?

Post On:January 4, 2022

europe proselytism

euro 1

Importing Hate / Dravidian Tamils: New Jersey

Post On:December 19, 2021

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-19 at 2.46.08 AM

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-19 at 2.47.41 AM

The root of hatred: Tamilnadu:India: Currently outsourced to North America
karuna poonal

Appeal to Modi ji,

Post On:October 31, 2021

Picture courtesy: https://www.vaticannews.va/en/vatican-city/news/2021-10/pope-francis-india-prime-minister-modi-meeting.html

Two decades back when Pope John Paul II visited under when Rajiv Gandhi was the PM, he asked for crusade against India, https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1999-11-08-9911080178-story.html He has called for destruction and annihilation of Hinduism from the face of earth. since that call, Evangelical activity has increased multi fold. Your intelligence is perhaps aware of that, and you do not need us to go over the details.

We supported you all along in the hope that Hindu interests are safe in your hands. Wish to present our apprehensions to you sir,
a) What is the like impact of your invite to Pope Francis on Hindu Christian relations in India?
b) Are Indian Christian missions going to respect Hindus or escalate their current bullying status after visit by Pope Francis?
c) Will Christians stop plagiarizing Hindu symbols and references in their evangelical mission work?
d) What is the impact of your invite on the government, officials and Hindu activists in India and abroad?
e) Would it put Indian govt staff at the disposal of missionaries to pursue their evangelical work?
f) Did you talk to the Pope on the un-ethical evangelical practices happening in India?
g) Has the pope being told that only India and Nepal are Hindu countries, while close to 90 nations are christian?
h) Are you playing to the gallery of western leaders by Invites and defence deals? Every non western leader who played to that gallery failed.
i) Nelson Mandela was a true leader who did not and thus succeeded in communicating serious issues with western leaders.
j) Are you a leader the calibre of Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi?
k) You are aware that the Pope has apologized to Native Indians for residential school abuses

Question sir, is what is the purpose of Pope Francis apology to native Indians while Vatican not reversing the call for annihilation of Hindu culture? We wish you to be a world leader of true stature. Strong and powerful representation of India. The west by its inherent nature respects strength. If you play to their gallery, you will trigger their colonial bug and sense of superiority. That side of the west has always caused destruction around the world. We trust history is in clear sight of your rear view mirror!

The need for ethics in Evangelism

Post On:October 23, 2021

code 2

code 3

code 1

Rare confessions!!

Dwarapalaka Philosophy

Post On:October 15, 2021

Fellow Soldiers: At Dwarapalakas, we do not believe that we are the only group that is working for betterment of Hindus. We respectfully acknowledge that there are hundreds and thousands of Hindu organizations and Individuals who are working against all odds and with little support. We would never do any of the following
1- Criticize or identify faults with the work of fellow Hindu activists
2- Proclaim that our work is the best ever work in the realm of Hindu activism
Role of Temples in Canada: We strongly believe that temples of Canada should not be involved in conflicts / politics, be it national or international. They should keep away from strife and strive to maintain their key purpose. And that is practice and propagation of Hinduism both to Indo- Canadians and Canadians who are interested. However Without moving away from the above core philosophy Canadian temples should find ways to engage community on core issues that affect the Hindu community of Canada. This becomes imperative as Religious places are a platform for strength for respective communities. We at Dwarapalakas believe that while we can identify areas of working together, it should only have a positive impact on each other.
Respect for the adversary:Our definition of a adversary is one who has by action, words either spoken or written has demonstrated a hatred for Hinduism or wishes to defile or distort the core values of this great faith system. Once identified our goal is not to develop hatred or anger towards that person but to understand his / her motivation and engage in a conversation. The objective is not to turn a adversary into a enemy but help him / her grow out of that sense of adversarial behavior.
The Passive Hindu: There is nothing called a Passive Hindu. Every Hindu in his/her own unique nature are contributing to Hinduism. One needs to understand that a Hindu mind is not designed for conflict. For example Hinduism does not demand its adherents to go and attack other faiths or convert people. So it is simply not fair to hold a Hindu for in-action. The fact is they believe that a Abrahamic mind thinks like theirs. Hence our job is communication. If only we can succeed in tapping into the potential of the vast Hindu mind..
Janma Bhoomi vs Karma Bhoomi: That conflict is inevitable for any Indian who immigrates to Canada. Do we bring the conflicts of India to Canada? The answer is NO. We are here to respect the nation, its laws and people. Its important to be law abiding citizens and help to work for peace and prosperity of Canada. We shall work in the interests of both Janma Bhoomi and Karma Bhoomi. We also believe in Karma, any talk should be followed by action however minuscule it is!
Indian Political scenario: Our is a non-political and not for profit entity. Our goals are here in Canada and we work in three areas : 1) Academia 2) Temples & 3) Media . We have not been asked or invited to speak on behalf of any Individual or political party. Hence would not defend or attack anyone. We would not wish to receive flak on behalf of others. However if we receive a specific request to talk on a issue we will consider, based on the merits of the issue.

Police Committee

Post On:October 2, 2021

Dwarapalakas have presented the Hindu perspective at Police community consultative committees of Peel Police.

peel police

Joint Statement

Post On:October 2, 2021

Joint statement by Dwarapalakas & Hindu federation of Canada

hindu aa

Hindu Heritage Month at TDSB

Post On:October 2, 2021

Please note that in 2020, they bought in non-Hindu themes to the celebrations. The Hindu groups on ground fought well and got the following accepted. Please say congrats to the anonymous Hindu activists who spent hours and hours of their time. For example, the School board had Islamic, Jewish, Sikh and Christian members who were really not enthusiastic about Hindu rights and space. The Hindu team stayed within their dharmic approach, did not fall victim to provocations yet achieved this. We are happy that Dwarapalakas had a minor yet critical role in this.


The reversing Bon-homie

Post On:September 12, 2021


A revered Catholic Bishop of Kerala, Mar Joseph Kallarangatt, has coined a new term – ‘narcotics jihad’.

In early September 2021, the Bishop of Pala, Kottayam district, warned Christian youth against ‘narcotics jihad’ – a term to describe alleged attempts by Muslims in Kerala to lure Christians towards Islam using drugs.

Kerala’s Catholic community are not surprised by Kallarangatt’s claim. The Bishop was merely echoing longstanding Islamophobic sentiments of Kerala’s Syro-Malabar Church, which has also been accusing Muslims of ‘love jihad’, they say.

The Syro-Malabar Church, which is the world’s second-largest Eastern Catholic Church, has been claiming since 2018 that dozens of women of its fold were converted to Islam and taken to Syria to further the Islamic State’s ‘jihadist’ activities. In December 2019, the church drew a parallel between ‘love jihad’ and the Islamic State’s execution of female Christian captives in Nigeria….the story continues..



Commentary: Its a know fact that Muslims and Christians join hands to spite Hindus in India and worldwide. Now Indo-Christians are saying that life is better off with Hindus around.. welcome. We Hindus knew it all along, and yet “academic conferences” the world conferences peddle the story of Muslim and Christian persecution in Hindu India.

Call for a Hindu Nation

Post On:April 23, 2021


P.C. George a elected MLA from Poonjar riding in the southern Indian state of Kerala, has demanded that India should be declared as a Hindu Nation. Now why would a Christian make that call? Has that not been the call of Hindu nationalists of India? Is that not also against the evangelical objective of making India a Christian nation? And this call also is in conflict with the Islamic objective of making India a Islamic Nation? So two religions that are in minority status want to make it to majority status and in the process make Hindus a minority. Then why would Mr.P.C.George make this kind of demand?
Its a secular past-time from liberals, to leftist media to foreign journalists and politicians to bash Hindu India. But almost everyone who has their ears to ground in India would privately acknowledge that there is peace in India because of the tolerant and absorbing nature of Hindus. In this case peace Muslims and Christians. A case in point is the recent incident in this Kerala state, where a christian butcher’s place was burnt down by Islamist’s.
halal kerala 2

Way before this happened Hindu butcher’s have given up their space to accommodate both Christian and Islamic butchers. Be it south, east, west or north India, various ideologies mix and match their alliances with a common goal of hurting Hindus. So this shared enmity towards Hindus is helping them to create artificial alliances and in the process applying band-aid to issues between them. Mr.PC.George perhaps is seeing the writing on the wall as Islamic population surges in his state. And perhaps he felt its better in having Hindus as neighbors. Because if you label a peaceful Hindu as violent the next thing he will do is to vacate his place in the interest of peace. His own good nature is used against him to subdue him.
Its time for non Hindu butchers of India and their foreign counterparts / friends in all avataars to stop their fake narrative of pushing peaceful Hindus further to the wall and stop labeling otherwise peaceful Hindus as violent people. Its time for the world to accept, commend, encourage and respect the intrinsic peaceful nature of Hindus without bias or prejudice.

M. Nagloo & Chinniah Jangam

Post On:April 18, 2021

Opinion By Gopala Krishna

It was quite fascinating to read the article on Shri Nagloo, but Chinniah Jangam ji. One could feel the palpable excitement in tone and tenor of CJ.You can read the article on Shri Nagloo here.
We need to acknowledge the effort and passion of CJ in researching the contents for the article.By his own admission he inadvertently confirmed that there was opportunities for Dalits in India. Well that is not the subject of this article here.
There is this interesting psychological transmigration of adopting other’s pain, both ways. In this article we now see the adaptation of Black History month celebrations to Dalit suffering and it has given birth to the term “Dalit History Month”
dalit history month
Academicians in the Black community seem to take the Dalit pain and apply it on to their history as is seen by this book,
So here is the amusing angle. Black writer Isabel Wilkerson whose ancestors were pushed into pain by whites is borrowing the White Portuguese term of Caste to verbalize and validate their pain. While Dalit writer Chinniah Jangam whose ancestors were subjugated to pain by Upper castes of India is borrowing Black terminology to validate his historical pain. Either way, The term “caste” sounds to have great value in the world of writing. Quite a rewarding and potent academic tool today.
But congrats to Oprah in that she was able to create a black identity independent of white supervision. While our dear CJ is struggling in that dept. It does sound that his academic freedom is limited to a very sharply demarcated area of academic activity. For example he missed to mention in the article was the fact that Mr.Nagloo made his fame & fortune by appeasing the Aliens. And he was not alone.Many upper castes did the same job of appeasing the white masters.Some are doing it to this day even after political independence. Howdy CJ!

Dr Suraj Yengde & Sideshow Bob

Post On:March 21, 2021

In addition to hair style, Dr Suraj Yengde and Sideshow Bob share another thing in common, “Vendetta”. Of course the subject of Vendetta is different. Mr.Bob directs it towards a comical cartoon character Mr.Bart Simpson while Dr Suraj Yengde directs it towards India its past & present and his anchor of vendetta is the Indian caste system. There is something truly comical about this. He seeks solace in the arms of those white minds who have a far more brutal history of abuse than the caste system of India.Under their careful watch, guidance and patronage he unleashes his vendetta. We pick one and study the cocktail of issues.
yengde harvard
Mr.Uddhav seemed to have backed out and the moderator was compelled to share the table with Mr.Hemant Soren.
Then started the concoction of Vendetta,
The differences between BJP & Hemant Soren’s family political party was activated and Generous space was given for Mr.Hemant Soren to indulge in self sympathy. Motivated by that given space, he said that Tribal were not Hindus. Yes Tribals lived for thousands of years and Hinduism did not disturb their way of life. While christian missionaries wanted to Christianize them. That attempt was challenged by Hindu leadership. That counter work by Hindu leadership to preserve their Tribal identify became a communal act and it ignites the secular thinking world. And this interpretation by us is validated by the support of Mr.Soren to Stan Swamy. Its a know fact that evangelicals work under different covers, Anthropologists, Academicians, Human rights activists. By this rectangle table interaction, Dr Suraj Yengde was able to secure sympathy to christian cause from the office of Chief minister of Jharkhaland. Mission accomplished.
What stands out in this is the ignorance and vulnerability of Indian politicians to the agenda of such meets. They are truly naive to Indian history & world history? If given talk time and a Harvard platform will they play karoke to any tune that is being set? And the ease at which the western academicians are able to secure access to the echelons of power in India! How does that access compare with Hindu academicians getting access to Western academia?
Our objective is not to dig into the arguments presented. We wanted to highlight the new route of colonial re-invasion of India. While Islamists came through the Khyber pass, the British by sea, current new invasion is via the academic route, and the goal is subjugation of Indian thinking. Its Deja Vu. While many a Maharajah & Upper caste elite welcomed and collaborated with the invaders of the past, that job in NA today has been taken up by Dalit academicians. And the Dalit banner seems to be a anti-Hindu watering hole for a host of academicians of various feathers that flock in for their sustenance and growth. Fascinating flock it is!
What must be going on the mind of Dr Suraj Yengde as he was engaging Mr.Soren? He must perhaps be thinking how he is out smarting the CM, and it is exactly what his handlers at Harvard must be thinking of Dr Suraj Yengde. I would imagine a academician like him would have a macro, micro and peripheral vision of things around him.
While Dr.Suraj Yengde might feel empowered about his work, for his handlers it must be a good side show for their larger agenda. And that is another sync with Mr.Side show Bob! Dr.Suraj Yengde and Side show Bob.
We have a flash news, Mr.Soren must be quite sore about this below. Picture is for reference. news is in the text..(21st June 2021)
rahul soren

The Agenda – re-visited

Post On:March 9, 2021

By Avinash Kumar

“The Hindu religion is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense,indeed an infinite, number of deaths and rebirths. It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology. Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion years long.Longer than the age of the Earth or the Sun and about half the time since the Big Bang.” ― Carl Sagan.

Today there are hundreds of organizations and million of people whose only goal is annihilation of Hinduism from the face of earth.Their objectives are facilitated by the following factors,

Decentralized Hindu Order: Each Hindu is free to believe what he/she wants to – while some realize the existential threat to Dharma, some believe in Vasudaiva Kutumbakam and naively believe Dharma as invincible. Every Hindu however should be refreshed from their scriptures, “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah”

Blissful Ignorance: As a community known for its academic and professional excellence, Hindus remain entrenched in the mundane daily grind of life, unaware of how things around them are changing.The news of this change is seeping in slowly, but there are still some who refuse to believe it.

The Missing Hindu in Social Sciences: North American universities seem to factories for post modernist propaganda against Hinduism. That has a strong appeal with Hindus who use it to fight their own kith and kin, undermining Dharma.

Awe and help to alien objectives: This has been a historical shame and integral part of Hindu DNA. One of the many examples: Barely 20,000 British ruled 300 Million Hindus.It was possible because thousands of Indians helped the aliens. That included the Hindu Elite & parochial vested interests. While timid Maharajahas demonstrated their inability to join ranks in pursuit of basic courage to do their Kshatriya dharma. Their actions have pushed multiple generations of India into what sociologists call “Trans-generational trauma” aka timidity.

Our Goal in Canada:
We see results of that Historical trauma in many Hindus today.Even in North America. Most of them always seek a compromise even when it comes to exercising their basic rights! Our wish is that Hindus of Canada contribute to development of Canada as free, strong and trauma free Citizens of this wonderful country.

Hindu Divinity at Toronto University

Post On:January 18, 2021

By Gopala Krishna / Photographs by Johnny Guatto
The drive of Hindu youth at UT, their simple sense of clarity in execution, their choice of briefest of words to explain a requirement, the most pleasant way of communicating the project was such a pleasure to watch. The combination of these resulted in the young team raising funds for the project, ordering the Murtis from India and getting them installed at the Campus. We Dwarapalakas take immense happiness in congragulating the team of Himanshi Sehgal, Niharikaa Aiyar, Rishabh Mundhra, Atharva Gokhale, Anvesh Jai, Nitya Gulati, Hitisha Solanki, Anvi Nagpa & Aditi Bhatia in executing this divine work.
On a religio-philisophical note we can say that a opportunity to be part of Temple or Murti installation is perhaps once in a life time opportunity for any Hindu. The fact that this young team was part of this is a validation of the blessings that they came with into the world. We pray for good health, well being ahead, and are sure they would continue to enrich the world with their inbuilt blessings. Though there are dark forces around, Hindu youth of Canada offer hope and promise ahead. We trust that this would be a motivation for Hindu students in Campuses across Canada.
Mr.Richard Chambers,below sounds like a fine person and it would be exciting to interact with him. On behalf of Dwarapalakas we offer him our sincere congratulations and best wishes.May his tribe cherish and in the process, nourish the earth.
Further reading at: https://thevarsity.ca/2020/11/22/hindu-shrine-unveiled-at-u-of-ts-multi-faith-centre/

Indian High Commission – Canada

Post On:December 29, 2020

Wonder what is happening here? We would assume they would work in a manner that would uphold the culture of India. This sounds contradictory? The platform of Indian High commission?



Rampant Caste Discrimination in Born Again Christians

Post On:December 29, 2020

For those who want to pin the Blame of caste on Hindu doorsteps.. here is a reality check

1dalit christians

dalit christians
Just in case you are thinking its old news, here is the most recent one
15th Nov 2020 : Gist: Only upper caste Christians are appointed as Pastors.

UK school Publisher withdraws

Post On:December 29, 2020

langley school

A British GCSE religious studies workbook has been scrapped from a schools website and withdrawn by the publisher after it sparked outrage among the British Indians who said it linked Hinduism to terrorism.The book bearing the AQA logo (the examination board which sets and awards GSCES and A levels), had been downloadable from the curriculum section of the website of Langley School, a comprehensive secondary school in Solihull, West Midlands — until Monday.
A description of Hinduism on page four of the book states: “Holy books teach that it is necessary to be able to morally justify war in order to preserve dharma. Arjuna, as a Kshatriya, is reminded of his duty to uphold a righteous cause and that in fact there is nothing better than a righteous war.”If the cause is just, Hindus will take up arms. Self-defence is justifiable; hence India has nuclear weapons to protect from aggressors. Some Hindus have turned to terrorism to protect Hindu beliefs.”The Arthashastra scriptures state that governments must act with a suitable moral approach, which implies a just one.”
Trupti Patel, president of the Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB), an umbrella body for British Hindus, said: “This is a political move to discredit Hindus and India. I am sure whoever wrote this did it deliberately.” Patel and HFB vice-president Ramesh Pattni, chair of HFB’s religious education committee, sent a letter to AQA and qualifications regulator ‘Ofqual’ describing the text as “vexatious, inaccurate and meant to teach wrong beliefs about Hindus to impressionable children”.
The letter states: “You have completely misinterpreted the meaning of dharma and linked it to what you describe as terrorism… even the interpretation about Arjuna is totally misinterpreted… We suspect that there may be a political agenda behind how Hindu beliefs and practices have been portrayed.” “We have had a holding reply saying AQA will investigate,” Patel told one of the Indian media.
An AQA spokesperson said: “We didn’t produce the workbook that’s been shared on social media and our logo was used on it without our permission. Some of the material in it seems to have come from a textbook — we’ve spoken to the publisher, which has withdrawn the book from sale while it addresses the issue.”
Langley School confirmed it had removed the book from its website “as soon as it was alerted” via emails on Monday. The school said it did not know why the workbook carried the AQA logo and the book “was not used for teaching”. “A member of our staff purchased the resource from the Times Educational Supplement website some years ago. We are unaware of the author of the document. We are devastated that this oversight in our administration has caused this offence,” the school said in a statement. “We can assure you it is not used in school.”
We are happy that it was a error and the error was acknowledged and the error was fixed. The absence of motivated Hindu phobia at Langley is a learning lesson for other academic institutions that display such behavior.

Awareness Campaign on Facebook

Post On:December 29, 2020

On 12th of July, 2020, this awareness poster was released on the social media platform Facebook. As of date it has reached 9000 People and counting. This confirms the seriousness of this issue. Blatant plagiarism of Hindu motifs into Christinaisation is a serious cultural offence.


Black Lives Matter – Our press release

Post On:December 29, 2020

BLM final version

Hindu Utopianism

Post On:December 29, 2020

By Avinash Kumar – 30th June, 2020, Toronto

Where does one start, on the subject of, the abject apathy and confusion of Hindus in the era of postmodernism?
Do you start with the blissfully oblivious or the other end of this extreme idiocy – the furious, hurting Hindu attacking wildly at anything that he or she perceives to be even slightly offensive to Hinduism?
One is utopian, the other a headless chicken. The one in the middle tries to balance both.I call this the Hindu scale of wokeness.Let us start with the first category – Hindu Utopianism.
Adherents of this category of Hindus, swear by “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam” and “Sarva Dharma Sambhava” dogma as their moolaha mantraha.
Although they seem to have cast of the colonial baggage – they proudly expound on Hindu values, albeit in ignorance – the neediness and the longing for approval indicates otherwise.The result is, a Hindu who is content with small insignificant gestures of “respect” from the left elite, in exchange for the Hindu’s silence or ignorance of more pressing issues.As an example, the following is a conversation between a Hindu in the middle of the scale, and the another at the front end – the Utopian.
Utopian Hindu [UH]: Schools are not secular anymore. Why are they opening religious spaces in schools?
Balanced Hindu [BH]: What is un-secular about that? No one stopped Hindus from advocating for Hindu spaces.
[UH]: Religion is a very private matter. It should be confined to our homes and temples.
[BH]: It may be a private matter to you, but to non-Hindus it is not, and that is why when the school teaches about religion, non-Hindus are the first to claim this space. We should also demand the same. It is after all, our right as Canadian citizens!
[UH]: (horrified) Demand Space??? That sound very communal. It is not our values as Hindus to demand something. When we do not want others to impose their beliefs on us, why would I do the same? Maybe some religions are insecure, which is why they try to impose on others. But I go by the understanding that our values are great, and I do not need to demand anything from anyone. We are not in a competition.
[BH]: Maybe you don’t see it as a competition, but other groups do. And if you don’t claim the space, someone else will. It takes pride and identity away from your children. When you claim that space, your children are in a position to set the Hindu narrative for themselves, instead of the other way around. You surely have noticed how the school board sees a history of violence in Hinduism and propagates the same in their Hindu oriented functions?
[UH]: Of course, Mahabharata has violence and it is about war, but its war against evil. We need to educate them about our beliefs.
[BH]: Hindus have been educating the west about Hinduism for the past 100 years, from Vivekananda to ISCKON today. I think we have educated them enough; don’t you think? Even after tall this education if they see violence in Hinduism, do you think this thinking is borne out of their ignorance or deliberation? It would be very naïve on our part, to call this ignorance.
[UH]: That is not true. The school board is very respectful of Hinduism. I get invited to light the lamp and for Goranti at every Deepavali. Look I do not know what you are doing, but It doesn’t work for me. We have to show our greatness and values by being polite, not by being aggressive.
[BH]: I am in fact talking about being assertive, not aggressive.
[UH]: Sorry that can be seen as very communal. I cannot support this stand.
As seen from the above exchange, the Utopian Hindu has pride – no doubt – but it is misplaced. He/she is unaware of the effect this has on children and the trans-generational trauma we are passing on to them.In exchange for small concessions, the Utopian Hindu is more than happy to let non-Hindus dictate what their religion is all about.
(To be contd)

The “ACTIVIST” Scenario: Analysis of Hindu Activism in Canada

Post On:December 29, 2020

Hindu activists can be broadly accommodated in the following categories,

  • Social media observers,
  • Social media activists
  • Pan Canada activists
  • Spiritual Oriented
  • The Lone rangers
  • Free spirited
  • The qualified activist
  • Celebrity activists

Social media observers: They are freelancers and occupies a very high quantity of activity. They monitor daily happenings on newspapers, TV and online publications and the battle grounds are SM platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. Advantages, a) A sensitive and quick reaction team, b) Respond to the raw emotions. Energies rapidly moves from one topic to another. They specialize in forwards of posts and messages. This provides emotional release to viewers from the claustrophobic effect of Hindu-phobia. Success is measured by the sheer rush of emotional responses. LEVEL 1.
Social media Activists: They are people who create Facebook & Twitter pages and WhatsApp groups. Their main goal is raising awareness on Hindu phobic activities and choose impressive page names with high ideals & goals. Success here is measured by number of page likes, shares. They display strong “leadership skills” and generally do not tolerate any opposition to their point of view. WhatsApp group leaders demonstrate their firmness by removing members and members demonstrate their individuality by leaving those groups: LEVEL 2
Pan Canada Activists: They recognize the absence of an all Canada Hindu Identify. They start websites, that have basic research. They pool in available resources including web design and try to bring a presentable face. Many go to register themselves as not for profit and have a structure of committee and officers. Fund raising is one of their goals and there are numerous players in this department who have demonstrated varying degrees of success. LEVEL 3
Spiritual type: These are the people who stay away from all kind of activist activities. They believe that practicing Hinduism and passing it to their kids and community is good enough. In our opinion these are the preservers of our faith. Members of this group will also be part of any of the above 3 levels.
The Lone rangers:These people have made peace with fear and pursue their activism in sheer individual determination. They are on streets, on social media and continue their work inspite of all obstacles and little support. Level 4
Free spirited: These are the Hindus who neither believe in activism nor believe in spiritualism. They are also the ones who jump in to criticize all the above. Their priorities are the next free meal, the next movie release, the next party, the next extra buck etc. The most common trait is “fear” Fear of unknown, fear of losing jobs, fear of their kid’s future, fear of deportation and fear of being stopped at airports. They do not admit their fear but instead advise solutions to internal issues or be grandiose on the eternal nature of Hinduism or worse speak the language of Hindu- phobists. Be extremely wary of them and do not involve them in your work. they will deflate motivation in no time. LEVEL Destroyers
Common Weaknesses:
– “Intra-activist” rivalry and they constantly run down each other. Team work is a huge challenge,
– There is huge battle to take credit for activist work done & contest for holding positions in NFP’s,
– They oscillate their energies to events happening in India and Canada, and dilute their energies,,
– They respond to Hindu-phobia at superficial level while not touching the depths of Hindu Phobia,
– Almost all of them suffer from fragile ego’s, get hurt quite easily and go into a sulk zone,
– Most of their activism is “superficial” & are satisfied with “some activity” irrespective of results.


Goal is the Qualified activist: These are people who are not prone to emotions, who have a clear understanding of the depths of Hindu phobia, who are well read of important developments, whose solutions are based on level headed courage, who have the ability to differentiate between rights and irrational fear, who have simplicity of actions with clear polite and firm communication and who are mostly self starter. Our experience is we scan 500 Hindus, we may get one fully qualified activist. LEVEL 5


The good thing is the qualified activists graduate from all or any of the levels above. It is a time-consuming process. We believe that irrespective of the levels all Hindus are quite intelligent people and can easily identify good leadership. We hope to provide good leadership and also hope to win qualified activists to our group. Hindu baiters and Hindu Phobia will continue to be have a upper hand unless we see the graduation of more Qualified activists from the ranks above.

Celebrity activists:They have proven areas of success and our salutes to those. However its difficult for ordinary activists to reach your citadels and your support and encouragement is much appreciated.
By Gopala Krishna: 27th June, 2020

The case for Dwarapalaka’s

Post On:December 29, 2020

By Avinash Kumar

It is not lost on the Hindu community that we are severely under-represented. Be it governance, media, human rights, academics, business, or entertainment. Not only are we under-represented, we are misrepresented, caricatured, and disrespected. Hinduphobia is rampant and ubiquitous. That this, is not causing alarm bells to ring in societal structures is shocking, to say the least. More appalling is the apathy demonstrated by sections of the Hindu community itself.

Those few, who are concerned and motivated to change this unfortunate situation, have mobilized into organizations to fight various aspects of this problem, independent of each other. Over the last decade, many such organization have been formed, and more than half of them have disappeared. Those that survive are holding on and fighting small battles. Battles they can take on. There is a small but growing support base for these organizations. But considering the state of modern Hindu perseverance, this support is fluctuating and fickle, at best. Nevertheless, these organizations are still in the fight, for the moment.

For the organizations that did not make it, the reasons for failure are several. Like any business or product that is launched – funding and public support are the resultant of certain traits that need to be inherent – professionalism, vision, clarity of thought, long term strategic planning, leadership, and teamwork. These very qualities are visibly missing right from the word go, in many Hindu mobilizations.

One other major factor however, at least for organizations involved in religious activism, is guidance and support from its religious institutions and leaders. This factor singularly has the potential of transforming the landscape of Hindu mobilization, as was the case with multiple Hindu revivals in history.
Sadly, the people who head Hindu temples come from within our community. Hence the issues that plague the ordinary Hindu, also afflict our temples, and afflict them in force. Not only are Hindu temples incapable of guiding a new Hindu revival, they are under attack by other theologies.

Some attack overtly and others very subtly. The overt is obvious, visible, and easy to counter against. The subtle attack is invisible, imperceptible and does not feel like an attack. It is a slow dilution of Hindu theology, intended to cajole Hindus into rejecting our inherent value system in exchange for the value system of the attacker. The attacker then begins the process of cultural appropriation, slowly digesting our values and theological knowledge into its own.

It is evident which group is infamous in such tactics. Such tactics resulted in conversion of a multitude, in the most staunchly Hindu state of southern India and is now spreading its tentacles slowly into the rest of India.

Similar tactics are being employed against American and Canadian temples. The organizational structure being employed to effect this change is a complex network. It involves churches, universities, and theologically flexible Hindu temples. In collaboration with one another, these three entities are now slowly but surely infiltrating temples and re-directing temple energies and resources to activities that will result in the total collapse of Dharma in next few decades. If this trend is not reversed, a general Hindu mobilization cannot commence, and the remaining few Hindu groups will also wither away.

The responsibilities of Dwarapalakas then, are five-fold:
-To act as a firewall between the evangelistic network and Hindu temples.
-To sensitize Hindu temples to take a leading role in fighting Hinduphobia publicly.
-To empower Hindu temples to become beacons for the Hindu revival movement.
-To act as a unifier and a messenger between Hindu organizations, increasing collaboration.
-To fight Hinduphobia in all aspects of public life.

Our area of work

Post On:December 29, 2020

We work on three areas, Un-Ethical Evangelism / Dwarapalakas / Canadian media.
Its explained below
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The following things are happening in India
1- Evangelicals from North America bad mouth Hindu religion, Hindu gods,practices & train Indian evangelicals in Hostility. This should stop.
2- Dis-proportionate number of new churches are built intrusively in a pincer strategy by various christian denominations,
around a Hindu religious place. This land grabbing + religious intimidation should stop.
3.Hindu imagery, terms, symbols and practices are copied and re-introduced with Christian touch. Cultural plagiarism should stop.
4.Hindu festivals are copied and re-invented as Christian festivals and timed to release with Hindu festivals. This intrusive practice should stop.

So Our work
1- To motivate Canadian Evangelicals visiting India to adhere to the Evangelical code of Conduct
2- To motivate federal and provincial governments in India to bring in a level playing field for religious harmony
3- To get United Nations to declare Hinduism as a protected religion
4- Hindu nations like Nepal, Sri-Lanka etc have to form a nation bloc and jointly address the issue of unethical evangelism

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The following things are happening in Canada
1- Hindu Temples are being approached under the banner of Hindu-Catholic dialogue
2- On the platform of sameness, Temple managements are being influenced &
3- In the process Christian programmes are being introduced at Hindu Temples

So Our work
1- To communicate with Hindu Temples on the need for religious alertness
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CBC,Toronto Star, Globe & Mail etc.. to name a few
1- Media has demonstrated their limited Understanding of Hinduism & India
2- That has been demonstrated on their reporting multiple occasions

So Our work
1- To communicate with Media on the need for unbiased and inclusive reporting

Pause construction of New Churches in India

Post On:December 29, 2020



The numbers are available on Wikipedia and Google and represents all denominations of Christianity. We bring to your kind attention the tweet of Mr.Mohan Lazarus.He is head of Pentecostal church in the state of India Tamil-Nadu, India. As per his tweet this is the statistics,
Tamilnadu | 38,000 churches | 6 Million | 1 church for 157 people:
And that is just one denomination, Pentecostal. One can see that the ratio of people vs churches in a Tamil Nadu is disproportionately high as compared to world statistics. It is said that Christians constitute 6 % of six million population of Tamilnadu. 6 %. That means 360,000 Christians in Tamilnadu. o by his tweet Tamilnadu has 38,000 churches for 360,000 people. 1 Church for every 9 Christians.

You would have noticed the shrill language of Tamilnadu Church. To maintain religious equality and keeping in view the international numbers, We request you consider initiating a pause on further construction of new churches in Tamilnadu.


Christian Persecution India vs World

Post On:December 9, 2019

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Somalia and Brunei ban Christmas celebrations
– Five years in Jail
– Security forces ordered to break up any celebrations
– Contrary to Islamic faith and could damage Muslim community
– Al-Shabab could carry out attacks against Christians
– Santa is Banned
– Christian symbols like crosses, lighting candles, putting up Christmas trees against Islamic faith
– Singing Carols, sending Christmas greetings are against Islamic faith
– Muslims wearing “hats or clothes that resemble Santa Claus” would be committing an offence
INDIA – HYDERABAD: Gearing up for Christmas:
telangana cm
– One state govt from Hindu India,has sanctioned Rs 1 lakh each to 200 churches in the city.
– $ 2000 per church for 200 Churches. Total $ 400,000.00.
– 500 gift packs of clothes to each church at the same time.
– Churches from all 199 constituencies of the state will be included in the package
– A Christmas feast before 19 December
– 400 Christians each from the 119 constituencies are invited
– Last year, 22 crores (4.1 Million dollars) spent to distribute gift packets to poor Christians.
– Distributing Christmas gifts from 2015 onwards, terming it a “humanitarian gesture”.
For more such information on “Christian persecution in India”please email us at dialogue@thedialogue.ca

In response to the Humanitarian gesture of the Hindu Government from India, the Indian Christian community plagiarized the popular Hindu festival of Bathukamma as their own!!Thank you for your kindness of reciprocity.

Mahatma Gandhi on Evangelical work

Post On:November 10, 2019

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Compiled by Swami Aksharananda
(Track No. 010119.1, Jan. 19, 2001)
I Call Myself a Sanatani Hindu
I call myself a Sanatani Hindu, because I believe in the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Puranas, and all that goes by the name of Hindu scripture, and therefore in avataras and rebirth; I believe in the varnashrama dharma in a sense, in my opinion strictly Vedic but not in its presently popular and distorted crude sense; I believe in the protection of cow. I do not disbelieve in murti puja. (Young India: June 10, 1921)
Why I am Not a Convert
Hinduism as I know it entirely satisfies my soul, fills my whole being. When doubts haunt me, when disappointments stare me in the face, and when I see not one ray of light on the horizon, I turn to the Bhagavad Gita, and find a verse to comfort me; and I immediately begin to smile in the midst of overwhelming sorrow. My life has been full of tragedies and if they have not left any visible and indelible effect on me, I owe it to the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. (Young India: June 8, 1925)
I Disbelieve in Conversion
I disbelieve in the conversion of one person by another. My effort should never to be to undermine another’s faith. This implies belief in the truth of all religions and, therefore, respect for them. It implies true humility. (Young India: April 23, 1931)
Conversion: Impediment to Peace
It is impossible for me to reconcile myself to the idea of conversion after the style that goes on in India and elsewhere today. It is an error which is perhaps the greatest impediment to the world’s progress toward peace. Why should a Christian want to convert a Hindu to Christianity? Why should he not be satisfied if the Hindu is a good or godly man? (Harijan: January 30, 1937)
No Such Thing as Conversion
I believe that there is no such thing as conversion from one faith to another in the accepted sense of the word. It is a highly personal matter for the individual and his God. I may not have any design upon my neighbour as to his faith which I must honour even as I honour my own. Having reverently studied the scriptures of the world I could no more think of asking a Christian or a Musalman, or a Parsi or a Jew to change his faith than I would think of changing my own. (Harijan: September 9, 1935)
No Conversion Designs Upon Me
I am not interested in weaning you from Christianity and making you Hindu, and I do not relish your designs upon me, if you had any, to convert me to Christianity. I would also dispute your claim that Christianity is the only true religion. (Harijan: June 3, 1937)
Conversion must not mean denationalization. Conversion should mean a definite giving up of the evil of the old, adoption of all the good of the new and a scrupulous avoidance of everything evil in the new. Conversion, therefore, should mean a life of greater dedication to one’s country, greater surrender to God, greater self-purification. (Young India: August 20, 1925)
Aping of Europeans and Americans
As I wander about through the length and breath of India I see many Christian Indians almost ashamed of their birth, certainly of their ancestral religion, and of their ancestral dress. The aping of Europeans by Anglo-Indians is bad enough, but the aping of them by Indian converts is a violence done to their country and, shall I say, even to their new religion. (Young India: August 8, 1925)
Why Should I Change My Religion
I hold that proselytisation under the cloak of humanitarian work is unhealthy to say the least. It is most resented by people here. Religion after all is a deeply personal thing. It touches the heart.
Why should I change my religion because the doctor who professes Christianity as his religion has cured me of some disease, or why should the doctor expect me to change whilst I am under his influence? (Young India: April 23, 1931)
Missionary Aim: Uprooting Hinduism
My fear is that though Christian friends nowadays do not say or admit it that Hindu religion is untrue, they must harbour in their breast that Hinduism is an error and that Christianity, as they believe it, is the only true religion. So far as one can understand the present (Christian) effort, it is to uproot Hinduism from her very foundation and replace it by another faith. (Harijan: March 13,1937)
Undermining People’s Faith
The first distinction I would like to make between your missionary work and mine is that while I am strengthening the faith of people, you (missionaries) are undermining it. (Young India: November 8, 1927)
Physician Heal Yourself
Conversion nowadays has become a matter of business, like any other. India (Hindus) is in no need of conversion of this kind. Conversion in the sense of self-purification, self-realization is the crying need of the times. That however is never what is meant by proselytization. To those who would convert India (Hindus), might it not be said, “Physician, heal yourself.” (Young India: April 23, 1931)
Missionaries: Vendors of Goods
When the missionary of another religion goes to them, he goes like a vendor of goods. He has no special spiritual merit that will distinguish him from those to whom he goes. He does however possess material goods which he promises to those who will come to his fold. (Harijan: April 3, 1937)
If I had the Power and Could Legislate.
If I had the power and could legislate, I should stop all proselytizing. In Hindu households the advent of a missionary has meant the disruption of the family coming in the wake of change of dress, manners, language, food and drink . (November 5, 1935)
The Only Begotten Son of God?
I regard Jesus as a great teacher of humanity, but I do not regard him as the only begotten son of God. That epithet in its material interpretation is quite unacceptable. Metaphorically we are all sons of God, but for each of us there may be different sons of God in a special sense. Thus for me Chaitanya may be the only begotten son of God. God cannot be the exclusive Father and I cannot ascribe exclusive divinity to Jesus. (Harijan: June 3, 1937)
Western Christianity Today
It is my firm opinion that Europe (and the United States) does not represent the spirit of God or Christianity but the spirit of Satan. And Satan’s successes are the greatest when appears with the name of God on his lips. (Young India: September 8, 1920)
I consider western Christianity in its practical working a negation of Christ’s Christianity. I cannot conceive Jesus, if he was living in flesh in our midst, approving of modern Christian organizations, public worship, or ministry. (Young India: September 22, 1921)
Christianity and Imperialistic Exploitation


Post On:February 15, 2017

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I am not against Christian Evangelism, because everyone has a right to choose and practice any religion that is presented to them either by inheritance or proselytising. Then what is that I am against? Let me reference the 2nd Gulf war. Two things happened after the war.
1) Dismantling of the prevalent power structure &
2) Abrupt withdrawal of American administrators
Even if the political administrators are Harvard graduates, they still would have difficulty administrating a new place unless they factor in the local conditions. And when that is compounded by power vacuum caused by abrupt withdrawal, it becomes a fertile ground for radicals to fill in. Now what is the situation there? Those parts that were invaded and abandoned are in chaos. The rapes and killings would never prick the world conscience. But the pain and killings are real and people who created it do not have the heart to fix it. It’s a classic “movie explosion walk away scene”
Now why is this relevant to India? My argument is that any intervention by alien’s powers does not take into consideration local factors. The pain and sufferings of the locals is not something that would bother them. Today on the streets of India, Indian evangelicals actively aided, trained, funded and motivated by western evangelicals are engaging in a cultural war with stated intentions of wiping out Hinduism in India. The side effect of evangelism in India is hate against Hindus and everything India. The hate born again’s have against Hinduism / Hindus is potent and deep.

If political conditions worsen, (god forbid) the hate that is being planted today will create consequences similar to what is happening in the Syria / Iraq now. Indian evangelicals will end up being remote controlled by western evangelicals. How can we expect western evangelicals to be considerate towards Hindus and Indians in strife? They have not done it in peace time and will they do when India bleeds?

The blood that flow has to be stopped even before it starts. The immense hate that is being planned designed and executed against Hindus / Hinduism by the evangelical machinery has to stop.

My chosen work is to bring in moderation in Caucasian evangelicals visiting India.

Evangelical code of Conduct

Post On:January 1, 2017

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This is an abstract from their own pages: check it

Code of Conduct;
Our society is fast being deprived of upright, honest and fair reporting from its media. At the same time, it has become open season for any with a grudge to make accusations that will smear others, regardless of the truth.
In this context, we want to make it clear that we are committed to Christian values, even as we seek to maintain editorial freedom.
No code of conduct, of itself, can guarantee perfect practice or ensure that no mistakes will be made. However, we aspire to keep this code and invite our readers, and those who supply information to us — by press releases or other means — to evaluate our conduct and theirs by the same ethical principles.
We are committed to:

Communicating the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in a spirit of truth and love, without unnecessary and gratuitous polemic.
Ensuring, as far as reasonable, that we disseminate accurate information, with fair conclusions.
Differentiating, as relevant, between facts and their interpretation, and between circumstantial and direct evidence.
Unless circumstances make it impossible (for example, public issues where full disclosure of facts cannot be obtained), avoiding the negative characterisation of others based on circumstantial evidence alone.
Avoiding language that is demeaning or calculated to stir up prejudice or hatred towards those with whose teaching or practices we disagree.
Where appropriate and/or possible, engaging in advance with evangelical persons or organisations being significantly criticised, so as to clarify issues and comment accurately.
Encouraging persons or organisations critiqued to exercise a reasonable right of reply (unless this undermines our mission statement).
Resisting threats, inducements or bias to influence, distort or suppress information.
Reporting on overseas issues, for situations where Christians are being persecuted, in a way that does not place particular Christians in further danger.
Avoiding plagiarism, breach of copyright, defamation and other dishonest practices.
Seeking the consent of an appropriate adult when including photographic or other material about an identifiable child or vulnerable adult (unless the consent is already covered by another responsible organisation).
Making our statement of faith and mission statement accessible to others, so that there is openness concerning our aims, with no hidden agenda.
Respecting church discipline and the due process of civil law, where each is conducted in good faith and honesty.

The Basics

Post On:January 1, 2017

  • Religious workers travelling to India not honest with their intentions.
    Why hide behind a tourist visa and engage in proselytizing? The immigration officer’s at Intl airports in India should be trained to identify religious workers. Like Immigration officers in the west, The immigration officer’s in India should ask simple questions like, where are you coming from? Where are you going to? What all places do you plan to visit, Where do you plan to stay? Are you an religious worker? Indians irrespective of how they look and sound, are intrinsically smart.They can differentiate between apples and oranges.
  • Religious work should be supervised for spiritual content:
    The strategy of alien religious workers visiting India sounds diabolical. They see that to win to new converts from Hindus, Hindus have to be first detached from the faith of their ancestors. That approach motivates them to invent ideas to scoop out faults with Hinduism. They present the faults to Hindus in an amplified/distorted format. In the process they cross the border of civility. They bad mouth Hindu religion, Hindu gods,practices. This should stop.The training of Indian religious workers to alien religions should be open to random video inspection by government and police.Police officials should conduct awareness programs on such matters by releasing advertisements in newspapers, radio and Television.They should encourage the public to approach them if alien religious workers speak bad about native religion
  • Respecting Cultural space:
    We are seeing that new churches are built strategically in the geographical vicinity of a Hindu religious place. The objective seems to be to build a new church where ever Hindus congregate and have their place of worship. This is deliberate cultural intimidation.This should stop. There should be adequate space and room for cultural tranquillity. Hindu religious practices are then copied and re-introduced with a Christian touch to coincide with the dates of the Hindu festivals. This causes a traffic jam of devotees that has a potential for conflict. Example: Padayatra on lines of Sabarimala: Such measures must be declared illegal.AoC should not distribute flyers to Hindu devotees at spiritual destinations.Example: One Christian website said 1 Million flyers were given at Kumbh mela.
  • Camaflouge & Cultural plagiarism:
    Hindu imagery, terms, symbols and practices should not be used as a tool for conversion. Why would evangelicals dress up in Hindu costumes and approach innocent Hindus? Why be fake?. That also seems to be a deliberate current strategy. AoC should use their real names while doing religious work.They should not hide behind Hindu names and conduct proselytizing work.
  • The financial difference:
    Visiting religious workers have a huge advantage in terms of dollar VS rupee exchange rate. This offers them huge advantage to exert financial control over natives. Indian temple funds are managed by the government of India, so why are church funds excluded? Church finances have to be under govt control the same way Temple funds in India are.Secularism means equality.

Why this initiative?

Post On:April 12, 2016

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It was in Chennai. Seeing Vibuthi and Kumkum on my forehead a young Tamil Evangelist who was barely in his 20’s walked up to me. His approach had an element of disdain in him. His desire to get me buy his theory was balanced by his lack of intellect. That was complimented by his animosity towards anything Hindu. He was not even aware of how hostile he has turned himself into.
Curious I undertook a journey into other parts of South India to cross check the facts of the encounter. The animosity levels of other evangelists were consistent with that of the first conversation. Something is not right in the manner and style of Evangelists operating in India. In contrast the few evangelists I encountered in Canada seem reasonably dignified.

Few questions arise,

1) Who are the people behind the haste fostering new age evangelicals on the streets of India?
2) Freedom of religion is fine, but what explains those very high levels of hostility?
Travelling across USA, Canada and other parts of the world I have noticed that Caucasian Christians of the west are polite people. Growing up in Chennai I could see that the society had a general sense of respect towards Christians in India. That sense of respect is in erosion. It seems and to be attributed to the behaviour of the new age aggressive evangelicals. That is truly sad.
The young evangelicals of India seem to fine Hindu men / Women before conversion. On conversion they are supposed to have embraced the religion of love. I did not see love. I see only rudeness and hostility. Why is it so? It truly baffles me.
This “cultivated hostility “on the streets of India has to be addressed.

How do we communicate on this sensitive subject? If we talk about unethical evangelism, Christians may think that this website is against Christians. Let’s assure that “it’s not true” simply because Hindus of Canada are not doing in Canada what Evangelical Christians of India are doing in India. On the contrary Hindus of Canada go out of their way to assimilate. A Hindu of Canada is aware that Canadians are “sensitive” to immigrants and hence try their best to blend in, and they do it the way sugar blends with your milk or coffee.
Back in India, Hindus may be mean to each other but are not hostile. Hostility is a product of outsource from North American evangelical schools. Mostly American but Canada is not too far behind. It sounds like that the techniques that were used in Native Indian residential schools in Canada during the 1800’s are being re-furbished and unleashed on unsuspecting Hindus of India. Evangelicals have no rationale to foster hostility in India under the guise of freedom of religion.
One has to look at the statement of Ms. Stephanie Nolen of Globe and Mail. In a series of articles about Caste in India and advocating evangelism as a solution, she famously said, “Evangelicals work to foster righteous anger in Hindus!” In plain English it means they create trouble. What kind of righteous anger was she talking about? Does not the history of Church abuse of the natives exceed that of caste?
Agents of conversion have to understand that their actions are seen as rude and offensive. Where is courtesy is when He / She accept the hospitality of a Hindu and in exchange abuse Hindu culture & Gods? Dear Evangelical that is simply not right!

Because, it’s a democratic world. A Hindu has a right to worship a million gods if he / she wants. We see your one god theory the same way you see our million god theory.

The Hindu @ Serengeti!

Post On:June 22, 2015

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As a Hindu I am marked. We are a prey waiting to be finished and erased from the face of the earth. My peaceful protest is considered as weakness. I am supposed to be super placid all the time. My faith is in my faith is routinely ridiculed and I am supposed to be smiling, people from my faith including children are poached and then turned against us. I am still supposed to be smiling. We are given a “Serengeti treatment”. The look we are given by evangelicals is similar to what a carnivore gives an herbivore. That look gives us a sneak preview of their intensity to finish us off. And I am still supposed to be smiling. I am not supposed to protest. I am supposed to resign to the fact that it’s a matter of time before we are finished off. Because the desire to finish us off is the combined objective of all Christian nations with all their industrial, diplomatic financial and military might. That is a much formidable formation, much stronger than the allied forces of WW-1 and WW-2. What is our crime? Oh we were peaceful. We did not indulge in Crusades. We had empathy to see the pain and effort of the evangelical. But he wants more. He wants me, my family, my money my country.
Why am I into this? Because what is happening on the streets of India in the name of JC is simply bad, like real bad. The first step of conversion is detaching the Hindu roots of a Hindu. To achieve that goal they have to bad talk about Hinduism. Hindu spiritual texts are intense and multi-layered and truth is presented in a step by step process. If the intention is not positive one can easily dig in between the multiple layers and pull out negative things. The evangelical army does just that, every day. So when a poor Hindu is presented such distorted info with other inducements, ($) he / she presses the conversion button on himself. So here is the million dollar question, “A Hindu is weaned away from Hinduism with distorted info and how will he see other Hindus after conversion?” With respect or disdain? Of course with disdain. That disdains percolates so deep that the born again starts hating fellow Indians. This raises the spectre of violence, its real.
My objective is to give in my 2 cents of effort to prevent it before it becomes a reality. I wish to educate the need for respecting cultural space. How do I plan to proceed? This is where Canada comes in. It was and is amazing to see the manner in which “Canadians” handle issues. They have this ability to communicate their concerns and even anger in meaningful words. They manage to express their emotions in a polite respectful manner. I shall ever be thankful to Canada for giving me an introduction to those traits. In my opinion bad evangelism is like a Hydra headed Goliath. It needs a peaceful and intelligent response with the help of multiple David’s of Canada. May be from the hundreds of thousands of Hindu homes I can find an ally who is on my same page.
Mahatma Gandhi was an enigma. What was he thinking when he said, “An average Hindu is a coward”. Did he see something which most do not see? He also said, “Jesus is good but Christians are not”.

My brief encounter with Modiji

Post On:April 16, 2015

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Good Karma is real. Realized it when was lucky enough to be one of the photographers when Modi Ji visited Toronto. Thanks to the individual and the institution that recommended my name. Felt that there is a story to be told, a story from many perspectives: photographer, admirer, political student and an Indo-Canadian.

Story 1: There was a line-up of up to 500 VIP’s of Canada waiting for a photo-op with Modiji. Security screening started 2 hours in advance, after which people were ushered into their seats, the PM came on time. It started right-away. One group/ one family at a time walked up the line, walked to the stage and had their moment with him. The line-up had people of all age groups. Each one was jostling to get a good hand shake with him, and also to say few words which they felt was super important. Many of them forget that it was important to strike a pose. Just to look into the Camera and smile. They were alternating between excitement while the security was giving them a gentle nudge to enable the next person in line to have his time with Modiji. So As photographer I had to jump around like a middle aged acrobat trying to get the best angle. That acrobatics continued for 3 + hours. The line-up got extended as some came back to re-join the line for a second opportunity with Modiji. Finally the SPG walked up to him and told him, “It’s complete and time to leave”. Our team must have snapped around 1000 to 2000 pictures. All along was hoping will get one picture with him, but gave up the thought, as closing time got closer.

Then Modiji said something magical, “why not take a few pics with the photographers”? That was beyond words. To have than empathy to see the pain and expectations of people around him was something special. If not for that intervention by him, our team would not have got the opportunity to have pics with him. As I posed with him realized that I was confused, sharing the stage with no less a person than the prime minister of India. The excitement was too good, that I did not realize I put my hands over his shoulder as if he was my friend. Indeed he is a friend of India, and of the whole world.

Story 2: This is from the perspective of a photographer: He has an amazing connect with the shutter release of a camera. This is something fellow photographers may understand. Standard shutter speed is 1/125 second in most auto settings. He had this almost instant connection with that. The moment the shutter sound gets going he knew it and turned his gaze in that direction. The first camera that gets going gets his gaze. At least that’s what I thought. So at the risk of losing a shot, I thought I will give it a try. I moved to manual settings and upped the shutter speed to 1/ 250. I knew the shot was going to be blurry, but still went for it. In an instant his gaze turned towards the camera I was holding. It was magical. I have not seen that kind of rapport any person having with the camera. Wonder that the lucky photographer will be who will get a full photo session with him.

Story 3: Been a witness of cold politics unleashed by various political leaders of India I was surprised that Modiji did not indulge in any vengeance politics in spite of getting a stunning majority. He did not sack the RBI governor, he did not put his political opponents in jail, and he did not silence journalists who went beyond their duty in being rabidly anti-Modi. Politics demands all that and wonder why he has not done that!

Story 4: Why do so many NRI’s like Modiji? The answer is simple. Living in western countries many Indians see for themselves how Indians are being treated and looked down in the west. Indians are considered soft and bulliable, which is a welcome treat for those who have a proclivity to bully. Visiting Indian politicians have done little to bring in self-respect. When Manmohan said that British rule of India helped India, it was so embarrassing. And one had to see the interview of Mr. Kamal Nath on CBC Television Canada. It was so humiliating. In comes Modiji who brings in confidence and self-respect to Indians with his style of strong Indian ethos, and an approach which gives the message that being Indian is a proud thing. The west in general likes people who respect themselves. An Indian politician doing that is something that Indians living abroad love it. That is the reason I believe NRI’s compete with Indians to love Modiji.