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Pause construction of New Churches in India

Post On:December 29, 2020



The numbers are available on Wikipedia and Google and represents all denominations of Christianity. We bring to your kind attention the tweet of Mr.Mohan Lazarus.He is head of Pentecostal church in the state of India Tamil-Nadu, India. As per his tweet this is the statistics,
Tamilnadu | 38,000 churches | 6 Million | 1 church for 157 people:
And that is just one denomination, Pentecostal. One can see that the ratio of people vs churches in a Tamil Nadu is disproportionately high as compared to world statistics. It is said that Christians constitute 6 % of six million population of Tamilnadu. 6 %. That means 360,000 Christians in Tamilnadu. o by his tweet Tamilnadu has 38,000 churches for 360,000 people. 1 Church for every 9 Christians.

You would have noticed the shrill language of Tamilnadu Church. To maintain religious equality and keeping in view the international numbers, We request you consider initiating a pause on further construction of new churches in Tamilnadu.