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The Hindu @ Serengeti!

Post On:June 22, 2015

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As a Hindu I am marked. We are a prey waiting to be finished and erased from the face of the earth. My peaceful protest is considered as weakness. I am supposed to be super placid all the time. My faith is in my faith is routinely ridiculed and I am supposed to be smiling, people from my faith including children are poached and then turned against us. I am still supposed to be smiling. We are given a “Serengeti treatment”. The look we are given by evangelicals is similar to what a carnivore gives an herbivore. That look gives us a sneak preview of their intensity to finish us off. And I am still supposed to be smiling. I am not supposed to protest. I am supposed to resign to the fact that it’s a matter of time before we are finished off. Because the desire to finish us off is the combined objective of all Christian nations with all their industrial, diplomatic financial and military might. That is a much formidable formation, much stronger than the allied forces of WW-1 and WW-2. What is our crime? Oh we were peaceful. We did not indulge in Crusades. We had empathy to see the pain and effort of the evangelical. But he wants more. He wants me, my family, my money my country.
Why am I into this? Because what is happening on the streets of India in the name of JC is simply bad, like real bad. The first step of conversion is detaching the Hindu roots of a Hindu. To achieve that goal they have to bad talk about Hinduism. Hindu spiritual texts are intense and multi-layered and truth is presented in a step by step process. If the intention is not positive one can easily dig in between the multiple layers and pull out negative things. The evangelical army does just that, every day. So when a poor Hindu is presented such distorted info with other inducements, ($) he / she presses the conversion button on himself. So here is the million dollar question, “A Hindu is weaned away from Hinduism with distorted info and how will he see other Hindus after conversion?” With respect or disdain? Of course with disdain. That disdains percolates so deep that the born again starts hating fellow Indians. This raises the spectre of violence, its real.
My objective is to give in my 2 cents of effort to prevent it before it becomes a reality. I wish to educate the need for respecting cultural space. How do I plan to proceed? This is where Canada comes in. It was and is amazing to see the manner in which “Canadians” handle issues. They have this ability to communicate their concerns and even anger in meaningful words. They manage to express their emotions in a polite respectful manner. I shall ever be thankful to Canada for giving me an introduction to those traits. In my opinion bad evangelism is like a Hydra headed Goliath. It needs a peaceful and intelligent response with the help of multiple David’s of Canada. May be from the hundreds of thousands of Hindu homes I can find an ally who is on my same page.
Mahatma Gandhi was an enigma. What was he thinking when he said, “An average Hindu is a coward”. Did he see something which most do not see? He also said, “Jesus is good but Christians are not”.