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The “ACTIVIST” Scenario: Analysis of Hindu Activism in Canada

Post On:December 29, 2020

Hindu activists can be broadly accommodated in the following categories,

  • Social media observers,
  • Social media activists
  • Pan Canada activists
  • Spiritual Oriented
  • The Lone rangers
  • Free spirited
  • The qualified activist
  • Celebrity activists

Social media observers: They are freelancers and occupies a very high quantity of activity. They monitor daily happenings on newspapers, TV and online publications and the battle grounds are SM platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. Advantages, a) A sensitive and quick reaction team, b) Respond to the raw emotions. Energies rapidly moves from one topic to another. They specialize in forwards of posts and messages. This provides emotional release to viewers from the claustrophobic effect of Hindu-phobia. Success is measured by the sheer rush of emotional responses. LEVEL 1.
Social media Activists: They are people who create Facebook & Twitter pages and WhatsApp groups. Their main goal is raising awareness on Hindu phobic activities and choose impressive page names with high ideals & goals. Success here is measured by number of page likes, shares. They display strong “leadership skills” and generally do not tolerate any opposition to their point of view. WhatsApp group leaders demonstrate their firmness by removing members and members demonstrate their individuality by leaving those groups: LEVEL 2
Pan Canada Activists: They recognize the absence of an all Canada Hindu Identify. They start websites, that have basic research. They pool in available resources including web design and try to bring a presentable face. Many go to register themselves as not for profit and have a structure of committee and officers. Fund raising is one of their goals and there are numerous players in this department who have demonstrated varying degrees of success. LEVEL 3
Spiritual type: These are the people who stay away from all kind of activist activities. They believe that practicing Hinduism and passing it to their kids and community is good enough. In our opinion these are the preservers of our faith. Members of this group will also be part of any of the above 3 levels.
The Lone rangers:These people have made peace with fear and pursue their activism in sheer individual determination. They are on streets, on social media and continue their work inspite of all obstacles and little support. Level 4
Free spirited: These are the Hindus who neither believe in activism nor believe in spiritualism. They are also the ones who jump in to criticize all the above. Their priorities are the next free meal, the next movie release, the next party, the next extra buck etc. The most common trait is “fear” Fear of unknown, fear of losing jobs, fear of their kid’s future, fear of deportation and fear of being stopped at airports. They do not admit their fear but instead advise solutions to internal issues or be grandiose on the eternal nature of Hinduism or worse speak the language of Hindu- phobists. Be extremely wary of them and do not involve them in your work. they will deflate motivation in no time. LEVEL Destroyers
Common Weaknesses:
– “Intra-activist” rivalry and they constantly run down each other. Team work is a huge challenge,
– There is huge battle to take credit for activist work done & contest for holding positions in NFP’s,
– They oscillate their energies to events happening in India and Canada, and dilute their energies,,
– They respond to Hindu-phobia at superficial level while not touching the depths of Hindu Phobia,
– Almost all of them suffer from fragile ego’s, get hurt quite easily and go into a sulk zone,
– Most of their activism is “superficial” & are satisfied with “some activity” irrespective of results.


Goal is the Qualified activist: These are people who are not prone to emotions, who have a clear understanding of the depths of Hindu phobia, who are well read of important developments, whose solutions are based on level headed courage, who have the ability to differentiate between rights and irrational fear, who have simplicity of actions with clear polite and firm communication and who are mostly self starter. Our experience is we scan 500 Hindus, we may get one fully qualified activist. LEVEL 5


The good thing is the qualified activists graduate from all or any of the levels above. It is a time-consuming process. We believe that irrespective of the levels all Hindus are quite intelligent people and can easily identify good leadership. We hope to provide good leadership and also hope to win qualified activists to our group. Hindu baiters and Hindu Phobia will continue to be have a upper hand unless we see the graduation of more Qualified activists from the ranks above.

Celebrity activists:They have proven areas of success and our salutes to those. However its difficult for ordinary activists to reach your citadels and your support and encouragement is much appreciated.
By Gopala Krishna: 27th June, 2020