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Why this initiative?

Post On:April 12, 2016

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It was in Chennai. Seeing Vibuthi and Kumkum on my forehead a young Tamil Evangelist who was barely in his 20’s walked up to me. His approach had an element of disdain in him. His desire to get me buy his theory was balanced by his lack of intellect. That was complimented by his animosity towards anything Hindu. He was not even aware of how hostile he has turned himself into.
Curious I undertook a journey into other parts of South India to cross check the facts of the encounter. The animosity levels of other evangelists were consistent with that of the first conversation. Something is not right in the manner and style of Evangelists operating in India. In contrast the few evangelists I encountered in Canada seem reasonably dignified.

Few questions arise,

1) Who are the people behind the haste fostering new age evangelicals on the streets of India?
2) Freedom of religion is fine, but what explains those very high levels of hostility?
Travelling across USA, Canada and other parts of the world I have noticed that Caucasian Christians of the west are polite people. Growing up in Chennai I could see that the society had a general sense of respect towards Christians in India. That sense of respect is in erosion. It seems and to be attributed to the behaviour of the new age aggressive evangelicals. That is truly sad.
The young evangelicals of India seem to fine Hindu men / Women before conversion. On conversion they are supposed to have embraced the religion of love. I did not see love. I see only rudeness and hostility. Why is it so? It truly baffles me.
This “cultivated hostility “on the streets of India has to be addressed.

How do we communicate on this sensitive subject? If we talk about unethical evangelism, Christians may think that this website is against Christians. Let’s assure that “it’s not true” simply because Hindus of Canada are not doing in Canada what Evangelical Christians of India are doing in India. On the contrary Hindus of Canada go out of their way to assimilate. A Hindu of Canada is aware that Canadians are “sensitive” to immigrants and hence try their best to blend in, and they do it the way sugar blends with your milk or coffee.
Back in India, Hindus may be mean to each other but are not hostile. Hostility is a product of outsource from North American evangelical schools. Mostly American but Canada is not too far behind. It sounds like that the techniques that were used in Native Indian residential schools in Canada during the 1800’s are being re-furbished and unleashed on unsuspecting Hindus of India. Evangelicals have no rationale to foster hostility in India under the guise of freedom of religion.
One has to look at the statement of Ms. Stephanie Nolen of Globe and Mail. In a series of articles about Caste in India and advocating evangelism as a solution, she famously said, “Evangelicals work to foster righteous anger in Hindus!” In plain English it means they create trouble. What kind of righteous anger was she talking about? Does not the history of Church abuse of the natives exceed that of caste?
Agents of conversion have to understand that their actions are seen as rude and offensive. Where is courtesy is when He / She accept the hospitality of a Hindu and in exchange abuse Hindu culture & Gods? Dear Evangelical that is simply not right!

Because, it’s a democratic world. A Hindu has a right to worship a million gods if he / she wants. We see your one god theory the same way you see our million god theory.