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Post On:February 15, 2017

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I am not against Christian Evangelism, because everyone has a right to choose and practice any religion that is presented to them either by inheritance or proselytising. Then what is that I am against? Let me reference the 2nd Gulf war. Two things happened after the war.
1) Dismantling of the prevalent power structure &
2) Abrupt withdrawal of American administrators
Even if the political administrators are Harvard graduates, they still would have difficulty administrating a new place unless they factor in the local conditions. And when that is compounded by power vacuum caused by abrupt withdrawal, it becomes a fertile ground for radicals to fill in. Now what is the situation there? Those parts that were invaded and abandoned are in chaos. The rapes and killings would never prick the world conscience. But the pain and killings are real and people who created it do not have the heart to fix it. It’s a classic “movie explosion walk away scene”
Now why is this relevant to India? My argument is that any intervention by alien’s powers does not take into consideration local factors. The pain and sufferings of the locals is not something that would bother them. Today on the streets of India, Indian evangelicals actively aided, trained, funded and motivated by western evangelicals are engaging in a cultural war with stated intentions of wiping out Hinduism in India. The side effect of evangelism in India is hate against Hindus and everything India. The hate born again’s have against Hinduism / Hindus is potent and deep.

If political conditions worsen, (god forbid) the hate that is being planted today will create consequences similar to what is happening in the Syria / Iraq now. Indian evangelicals will end up being remote controlled by western evangelicals. How can we expect western evangelicals to be considerate towards Hindus and Indians in strife? They have not done it in peace time and will they do when India bleeds?

The blood that flow has to be stopped even before it starts. The immense hate that is being planned designed and executed against Hindus / Hinduism by the evangelical machinery has to stop.

My chosen work is to bring in moderation in Caucasian evangelicals visiting India.