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Dr Suraj Yengde & Sideshow Bob

Post On:March 21, 2021

In addition to hair style, Dr Suraj Yengde and Sideshow Bob share another thing in common, “Vendetta”. Of course the subject of Vendetta is different. Mr.Bob directs it towards a comical cartoon character Mr.Bart Simpson while Dr Suraj Yengde directs it towards India its past & present and his anchor of vendetta is the Indian caste system. There is something truly comical about this. He seeks solace in the arms of those white minds who have a far more brutal history of abuse than the caste system of India.Under their careful watch, guidance and patronage he unleashes his vendetta. We pick one and study the cocktail of issues.
yengde harvard
Mr.Uddhav seemed to have backed out and the moderator was compelled to share the table with Mr.Hemant Soren.
Then started the concoction of Vendetta,
The differences between BJP & Hemant Soren’s family political party was activated and Generous space was given for Mr.Hemant Soren to indulge in self sympathy. Motivated by that given space, he said that Tribal were not Hindus. Yes Tribals lived for thousands of years and Hinduism did not disturb their way of life. While christian missionaries wanted to Christianize them. That attempt was challenged by Hindu leadership. That counter work by Hindu leadership to preserve their Tribal identify became a communal act and it ignites the secular thinking world. And this interpretation by us is validated by the support of Mr.Soren to Stan Swamy. Its a know fact that evangelicals work under different covers, Anthropologists, Academicians, Human rights activists. By this rectangle table interaction, Dr Suraj Yengde was able to secure sympathy to christian cause from the office of Chief minister of Jharkhaland. Mission accomplished.
What stands out in this is the ignorance and vulnerability of Indian politicians to the agenda of such meets. They are truly naive to Indian history & world history? If given talk time and a Harvard platform will they play karoke to any tune that is being set? And the ease at which the western academicians are able to secure access to the echelons of power in India! How does that access compare with Hindu academicians getting access to Western academia?
Our objective is not to dig into the arguments presented. We wanted to highlight the new route of colonial re-invasion of India. While Islamists came through the Khyber pass, the British by sea, current new invasion is via the academic route, and the goal is subjugation of Indian thinking. Its Deja Vu. While many a Maharajah & Upper caste elite welcomed and collaborated with the invaders of the past, that job in NA today has been taken up by Dalit academicians. And the Dalit banner seems to be a anti-Hindu watering hole for a host of academicians of various feathers that flock in for their sustenance and growth. Fascinating flock it is!
What must be going on the mind of Dr Suraj Yengde as he was engaging Mr.Soren? He must perhaps be thinking how he is out smarting the CM, and it is exactly what his handlers at Harvard must be thinking of Dr Suraj Yengde. I would imagine a academician like him would have a macro, micro and peripheral vision of things around him.
While Dr.Suraj Yengde might feel empowered about his work, for his handlers it must be a good side show for their larger agenda. And that is another sync with Mr.Side show Bob! Dr.Suraj Yengde and Side show Bob.
We have a flash news, Mr.Soren must be quite sore about this below. Picture is for reference. news is in the text..(21st June 2021)
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