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Christian Persecution India vs World

Post On:December 9, 2019

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Somalia and Brunei ban Christmas celebrations
– Five years in Jail
– Security forces ordered to break up any celebrations
– Contrary to Islamic faith and could damage Muslim community
– Al-Shabab could carry out attacks against Christians
– Santa is Banned
– Christian symbols like crosses, lighting candles, putting up Christmas trees against Islamic faith
– Singing Carols, sending Christmas greetings are against Islamic faith
– Muslims wearing “hats or clothes that resemble Santa Claus” would be committing an offence
INDIA – HYDERABAD: Gearing up for Christmas:
telangana cm
– One state govt from Hindu India,has sanctioned Rs 1 lakh each to 200 churches in the city.
– $ 2000 per church for 200 Churches. Total $ 400,000.00.
– 500 gift packs of clothes to each church at the same time.
– Churches from all 199 constituencies of the state will be included in the package
– A Christmas feast before 19 December
– 400 Christians each from the 119 constituencies are invited
– Last year, 22 crores (4.1 Million dollars) spent to distribute gift packets to poor Christians.
– Distributing Christmas gifts from 2015 onwards, terming it a “humanitarian gesture”.
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In response to the Humanitarian gesture of the Hindu Government from India, the Indian Christian community plagiarized the popular Hindu festival of Bathukamma as their own!!Thank you for your kindness of reciprocity.