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Hate gets Creative!

Post On:September 18, 2023

The hate against Hinduism real. This image tries to depict

a) That Buddha who is the savior of Dalits is being attacked
b) That the attackers are Brahmins who severed Buddha’s head
c) And Lord Buddha head is replaced with head of Ganesha

While the idea is borrowed from Lord Ganesha Birth story, the twisted goals seems to be that

1) Dalits should with one stroke hate both Brahmins and Ganesha.
2) That they get to generate anger on Brahmins and Ganesha

End objective is that generated anger can detach Dalits from Hinduism and thus unlock the doors of Dalit minds to embrace Buddhism. And politico- religio observers of India, know that embracing Buddhism is a euphemism for conversion to Abrahamic religions. There are skilled political players who play this game and are quite successful in exploiting the poor Dalit minds to their game plan.

And to release such art work on Ganesha Chaturthi day is to spoil the celebration for Sanathana Dharma practitioners. Its to irk them and get them to respond in anger. That responsive anger is later translated as fabricated propaganda of Dalit persecution.

This is a work of a mind that has hate as it foundation, disruptive in nature and not healthy to any society in general. Such hate factories are now legitimate political parties. This image is the creative work from Tamilnadu India!

The creative team is part of the “Dravida model”. Those creative artists have reached the mainland of Canada as well! Check back for updates!