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Post On:December 29, 2020

We work on three areas, Un-Ethical Evangelism / Dwarapalakas / Canadian media.
Its explained below
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The following things are happening in India
1- Evangelicals from North America bad mouth Hindu religion, Hindu gods,practices & train Indian evangelicals in Hostility. This should stop.
2- Dis-proportionate number of new churches are built intrusively in a pincer strategy by various christian denominations,
around a Hindu religious place. This land grabbing + religious intimidation should stop.
3.Hindu imagery, terms, symbols and practices are copied and re-introduced with Christian touch. Cultural plagiarism should stop.
4.Hindu festivals are copied and re-invented as Christian festivals and timed to release with Hindu festivals. This intrusive practice should stop.

So Our work
1- To motivate Canadian Evangelicals visiting India to adhere to the Evangelical code of Conduct
2- To motivate federal and provincial governments in India to bring in a level playing field for religious harmony
3- To get United Nations to declare Hinduism as a protected religion
4- Hindu nations like Nepal, Sri-Lanka etc have to form a nation bloc and jointly address the issue of unethical evangelism

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The following things are happening in Canada
1- Hindu Temples are being approached under the banner of Hindu-Catholic dialogue
2- On the platform of sameness, Temple managements are being influenced &
3- In the process Christian programmes are being introduced at Hindu Temples

So Our work
1- To communicate with Hindu Temples on the need for religious alertness
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CBC,Toronto Star, Globe & Mail etc.. to name a few
1- Media has demonstrated their limited Understanding of Hinduism & India
2- That has been demonstrated on their reporting multiple occasions

So Our work
1- To communicate with Media on the need for unbiased and inclusive reporting