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Call for a Hindu Nation

Post On:April 23, 2021


P.C. George a elected MLA from Poonjar riding in the southern Indian state of Kerala, has demanded that India should be declared as a Hindu Nation. Now why would a Christian make that call? Has that not been the call of Hindu nationalists of India? Is that not also against the evangelical objective of making India a Christian nation? And this call also is in conflict with the Islamic objective of making India a Islamic Nation? So two religions that are in minority status want to make it to majority status and in the process make Hindus a minority. Then why would Mr.P.C.George make this kind of demand?
Its a secular past-time from liberals, to leftist media to foreign journalists and politicians to bash Hindu India. But almost everyone who has their ears to ground in India would privately acknowledge that there is peace in India because of the tolerant and absorbing nature of Hindus. In this case peace Muslims and Christians. A case in point is the recent incident in this Kerala state, where a christian butcher’s place was burnt down by Islamist’s.
halal kerala 2

Way before this happened Hindu butcher’s have given up their space to accommodate both Christian and Islamic butchers. Be it south, east, west or north India, various ideologies mix and match their alliances with a common goal of hurting Hindus. So this shared enmity towards Hindus is helping them to create artificial alliances and in the process applying band-aid to issues between them. Mr.PC.George perhaps is seeing the writing on the wall as Islamic population surges in his state. And perhaps he felt its better in having Hindus as neighbors. Because if you label a peaceful Hindu as violent the next thing he will do is to vacate his place in the interest of peace. His own good nature is used against him to subdue him.
Its time for non Hindu butchers of India and their foreign counterparts / friends in all avataars to stop their fake narrative of pushing peaceful Hindus further to the wall and stop labeling otherwise peaceful Hindus as violent people. Its time for the world to accept, commend, encourage and respect the intrinsic peaceful nature of Hindus without bias or prejudice.