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Post On:January 1, 2017

  • Religious workers travelling to India not honest with their intentions.
    Why hide behind a tourist visa and engage in proselytizing? The immigration officer’s at Intl airports in India should be trained to identify religious workers. Like Immigration officers in the west, The immigration officer’s in India should ask simple questions like, where are you coming from? Where are you going to? What all places do you plan to visit, Where do you plan to stay? Are you an religious worker? Indians irrespective of how they look and sound, are intrinsically smart.They can differentiate between apples and oranges.
  • Religious work should be supervised for spiritual content:
    The strategy of alien religious workers visiting India sounds diabolical. They see that to win to new converts from Hindus, Hindus have to be first detached from the faith of their ancestors. That approach motivates them to invent ideas to scoop out faults with Hinduism. They present the faults to Hindus in an amplified/distorted format. In the process they cross the border of civility. They bad mouth Hindu religion, Hindu gods,practices. This should stop.The training of Indian religious workers to alien religions should be open to random video inspection by government and police.Police officials should conduct awareness programs on such matters by releasing advertisements in newspapers, radio and Television.They should encourage the public to approach them if alien religious workers speak bad about native religion
  • Respecting Cultural space:
    We are seeing that new churches are built strategically in the geographical vicinity of a Hindu religious place. The objective seems to be to build a new church where ever Hindus congregate and have their place of worship. This is deliberate cultural intimidation.This should stop. There should be adequate space and room for cultural tranquillity. Hindu religious practices are then copied and re-introduced with a Christian touch to coincide with the dates of the Hindu festivals. This causes a traffic jam of devotees that has a potential for conflict. Example: Padayatra on lines of Sabarimala: Such measures must be declared illegal.AoC should not distribute flyers to Hindu devotees at spiritual destinations.Example: One Christian website said 1 Million flyers were given at Kumbh mela.
  • Camaflouge & Cultural plagiarism:
    Hindu imagery, terms, symbols and practices should not be used as a tool for conversion. Why would evangelicals dress up in Hindu costumes and approach innocent Hindus? Why be fake?. That also seems to be a deliberate current strategy. AoC should use their real names while doing religious work.They should not hide behind Hindu names and conduct proselytizing work.
  • The financial difference:
    Visiting religious workers have a huge advantage in terms of dollar VS rupee exchange rate. This offers them huge advantage to exert financial control over natives. Indian temple funds are managed by the government of India, so why are church funds excluded? Church finances have to be under govt control the same way Temple funds in India are.Secularism means equality.