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Jan 2022, Letter to Temples of Canada

Post On:January 16, 2022

We are writing this to you as we believe you represent Hindu interests in your respected constituency. Any or all the following may be of interest to you,

1- Institutions / Individuals who do not identify themselves with Sanathana Dharma are securing positions to represent Hindu interests with govt / academia in Canada
2- Hindu studies at various universities of Canada
3- Organized attempts to malign the good image of Hindu temple work
4- Non complimentary reporting of the peaceful psyche of Hindus

We need to ask you, where you see yourself in this scenario? We understand that running a temple is not an easy work. Are all your energies limited to that area of survival? Or would you have time to allocate a part of your time / intellect to protect and work for larger Hindu interests in Canada? You may realize that in the absence of your leadership, you are conceding the rights of Hindu leadership to others!

The purpose of this letter is to seek your advice on critical things ahead in 2022. That way you will not accuse us of having acted without taking you into confidence. We are not aware of your current apprehensions or insecurities. All we request you is not to make any assumptions about our work without talking with us. If you feel enthusiastic about this mail, please Schedule a info session with Dwarapalakas

A sincere appreciation of the decent work you are doing in your current capacity. We understand that there are various denominations and sampradayas, but we all share the benevolence and shelter of the vast umbrella of Sanathana Dharma. We are all proud that we wish सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः

Best Wishes
Gopala Krishna
Director (PR)
The Dwarapalaka Team