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Evangelism – Canada Style!

Post On:September 14, 2019

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Most Hindus of Canada feel secure here on the belief that evangelism is happening only in India and they are safe and strong here. They could be right because evangelism here is not done in the style and manner as its done in India. Here is very subtle and strategic and top level. Here it happens under the banner of “Hindu- Catholic dialogue”. We got a first glimpse of this scheme at The Sringeri Vidya Bharathi Temple in Etobicoke, Toronto. A gentleman named Mr.Reid Locklin was invited on “Sankara Jayanthi”day to speak on the subject of “Vivekam”. We will come to that story later but on following the trail of Mr.Reid Locklin, we discovered the following,

1- Hindu Catholic dialogue is not a Hindu initiative. (We abbreviate it as HCD). It’s the initiative of the Church
2- HCD is a formal structure and operates across major western cities of world
3- Key players in Canada are the University of Toronto (UFT) and The Vedanta society (TVS)
4- It seems that UFT in consultation with TVS sets the agenda to reach out to Hindu Temples

The image below presents a overview,
dialogue flow chart
Now let’s examine the first institution.
Institution / Temple no 1: Vedanta Society – Toronto
Many would associate the term “Vedanta”with Hinduism as it holds special significance for Hindus rooted in deep spiritual knowledge. However this institution is directly engaging in Evangelism under the guise of a Hindu identity. Please check the image below that has non Hindu and Christian icon in the main altar,


Analysis: On studyings its activities over the years the following information emerges

  1. This institution is the focal point and platform to reach out to Hindu Temples
  2. The leadership has been compromised from its Hindu centric thought
  3. The staff including its head Swami Kripyananda holds Christian evangelical convictions
  4. However it has retained its physical Hindu identity in dress and rituals
  5. Hindu rituals at this institution are given a christian finishing touch
  6. Talks on Hindu scriptures are merged into Christian theology thinking
  7. Hindu physical identity & terminology as a spear head to communicate to Temples
  8. Serves as a meeting point for Hindu leaders for discussions on Hindu catholic dialogue
  9. Our team made 10 attempts to have a dialogue with Swami Kripyananda & no response


  1. Is it appropriate to engage in evangelical activity under the guise of Hinduism?
  2. Is it ok for Hindu leaders of Toronto to patronise this
  3. Would Hindus of Canada approve of such a deceptive practice?

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