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Hindu Catholic Dialogue – Canada

Post On:September 22, 2021

To those who complain that Hindu leadership of Canada is not doing its role effectively this article proves it otherwise. Wish to acknowledge and congratulate the leadership of Hindu Federation of Canada who maintained dialogue to Canadian standards and blended it with best Hindu traditions.They did not hesitate a bit to represent Hindu interests effectively. We can say for sure that Hindus are in safe Hands with HF when it comes to critical issues.
In the spirit of communication this dialogue is in operation now. We can share details to those who are interested. Key participants to the dialogue are
1- https://www.cccb.ca/church-in-dialogue/interreligious-dialogue/catholic-hindu-dialogue/
2- https://www.hindufederation.ca/
The most recent meeting was in Sep 2021, and while many things were discussed, this part of the interaction on current controversy is being presented here..
Dwarapalakas Wish to ask CCCB, many who are affiliated with University of Toronto on this conference of Dismantling Hindutva
CCCB: Co-sponsored by departments of over 50 US universities, including Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, New York University, Cornell and Northwestern University, a three-day global academic conference addressing the rise of Hindu nationalism is being held from September 10-12.Titled ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva Conference’, the virtual conference seeks to look into issues relating to the Hindu supremacist ideology from a scholarly perspective.
Dwarapalakas This is exactly the problem “ Hindu does not have a supremacist ideology”
CCCB: But soon after the event was first announced, Hindu groups both at home and abroad have touted it as “Hindu phobic” and demanded for it to be called off. They have also launched a sustained online campaign against its organisers.The event’s organisers say they have been on the receiving end of harassment by various Hindu groups, some of which have resorted to sending them threats of violence and death. The organisers say the theme of the conference has been grossly misconstrued as an attack on Hinduism, when, in fact, the aim is to study Hindutva as a right-wing political movement.” From The Indian Express
Dwarapalakas Who are the event organizers and what are their views? if anyone examine their work you will see clearly a bias . Hindus have not to date involve in any terrorist activities any where in the world. Today as the world remember the Sept 11 Islamic terrorist, this group is discussing Hindu hate. Is this conference deliberate attempt to change the conversation?
CCCB: What do we know about the ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva Conference’? Most of the organisers of the event — which is being held between Friday, September 10 and Sunday, September 12 — have chosen to remain anonymous. They have, however, released a lengthy list of prolific speakers and academicians who will be participating in the conference.The conference will host a number of panels on the rise of Hindutva, caste-based oppression, Islamophobia, and the persecution of minorities in India. “This is a major international scholarly conference which has garnered support and sponsorship from many different university departments and academic units across the US with the participation of well-known intellectuals from both India and the US,” a statement released by the South Asia Scholar Activist Collective (SASAC) read, noting that “concerted and organised efforts” have been made to prevent the conference from proceeding.“
Dwarapalakas Thank you for the extract from the newspaper Indian express. If you have access to data would be happy to receive info on any examples where North American Hindu’s have either expressed or carried out threats of death against any academician, religious or otherwise in North America. The key participants at the “dismantling Hindutva” conference are Indians and based in India, who don multiple / mixed hats of identities political, religious & are entangled in other regional issues within India. Any threats within India for “non academic issues”are no reflection on the good spirit of peace loving North American Hindus. Attributing violence to NA Hindus sounds like a pre-emptive propaganda attempt to put NA Hindus on the defensive mode. Hindu violence in NA is a imaginary paper tiger, neither muscle or teeth to it. Perhaps its time to call it out for the fiction it is.
CCCB: Your points seem insightful Dwarapalaka. I only heard about this conference this morning, so am unclear about all the related issues and interests at play here.
HF: Have noticed this in multiple cities, towns across India. Evangelicals from NA, who visit India are given VIP / Royalty reception by Indians. Right from the moment they land at Airport to the entire duration of stay. Perhaps you have experienced it. Not sure if you have been to India in your role as a messenger of Christ. Reid Locklin was speaking of his fascinating experience at Chennai city, South India.
CCCB: I was extremely well treated when I visited India many years ago. Glad to hear this continues.
Dwarapalakas Suggestion for next topic of discussion,” Ethical Evangelism in India & Hindus approach towards North American Christianity”. This conference at University of Toronto is more about dismantling Hinduism!