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Temple reach out Program

Post On:January 17, 2021

We have been successful in compiling the authentic list of all Temples of Canada. This project took almost a year’s work. To get the true coordinates and contact credentials of the management. We have been seeking out individual appointments and last year it got hit badly due to Covid. Yet we managed to meet many of them. We presented our 5 point agenda and to be honest we are quite happy with the response from almost all the temples we visited. Temple managements liked our non emotional and balanced articulation of challenges and goals.
In fact we were pleasantly surprised at the counter offer of help on the objectives of Dwarapalakas. They liked our very name itself and many felt it was very unique. Few did ask, why the name “Dwarapalakas”? We replied in fact that our work starts and stops at the door steps of the Temples. We have little interest on the internal affairs of any Temple. This offered them the requisite confidence. Because a Temple would be approached by many and they have a duty to protect the interests of the Temple.
Its unfortunate that Covid is extending to 2021 but we hope to e-meet them and discuss goals ahead. We also had a multiple meetings with the Federation of Hindu Temples. We also reached out to Peel Police and Toronto police on the need of including Hindus into their community consultative committees.We are also quite proud that we establish working relationships with fellow Hindu organizations.
Vedanta society of Toronto seems to be a major challenge. we have been doing a one way communication with them for over 10 years. There has been no response from them. We need to think creatively on how to connect with them. For the benefit of readers, Toronto University has a Hindu Chaplin. His name is Mr.Kripyananda. Yes he is the head of Vedanta society. Yet he professes strong christian beliefs and the image below explains the contradiction that he is avoiding to talk about.