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Mail to Canada Temples

Post On:July 14, 2020


Who owns the leadership of Hindu leadership of Canada?
The last time Hindu leadership was in public domain was during the Toronto star event at which Dr. Doobey demonstrated Hindu resolve. That was almost a decade back.
When interacting with a respected Hindu Temple, the chief was borrowing the word Kingdom and introduced a new term Templedom as a synonym for Temple managements. That sounds so factual. We also notice that few temples have compromised on their “Dharma” leadership. (Will discuss it in person)
Taking a cue from Islamic, Jewish, and Christian leadership many Hindus believe that Temples would take the initiative for Hindu issues. However there seems to be a concern about the absence of visible Hindu leadership in Canada. And that perhaps explains a proliferated number of organizations that claim to represent Hindus. Each one vents their concerns on social media.
In our opinion there are pressing issues concerning Hindus of Canada. We do not wish to blind side you with unilateral thoughts and actions from our end. And we do not wish to be surprised at a later stage that we did not communicate to you on this subject.
Perhaps you are occupied with tasks of Temple management and are not inclined towards expending your energies on Hindu activist issues. We do not intend on confrontation with no one. We aim at dialogue to Canadian standards of ethics, courtesy, and civil communication.
We would respect your inputs on decisions and actions we intend to make.