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To Temples of Canada

Post On:March 15, 2019

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Namaskar Shriman ji,

We take responsible pleasure in writing to you. This mail is to address some key issues that relates to Hindus and Hinduism in Canada. You may have received our email in Feb 2019. This is a snail mail version.

Hindu – Christian dialogue : There is a series of initiatives happening in Canada under the banner of “Hindu Christian dialogue” or “Hindu -catholic dialogue”? Few temples are already “engaged”. We are writing to provide you an alert on the key result of such dialogue.
1)Situation is created where Temple managements feel obliged to open doors for evangelicals
2)No reciprocal privileges are given, while Christian messages are introduced into Hindu temples

Dwarapalakas: We are a group of independent Hindus that are free of any affiliations. Our objective is to engage in communication keeping in view the self respect and interest of Canada Hindus.

Our area of work includes
1] Positive and Canadian way of responding to Hindu catholic dialogue,
2] Right of freedom of religion to Canadian Hindus,
3] UN laws on religious freedom &
4] Hindu heritage

Racism targeting Hindus of Canada: One cannot deny the existence of subdued racism against Hindus and Hindu institutions of Canada. Many do not seem to have adequate training on how to respond to the challenges of a multi-racial society like Canada.

Canadian School text books: Inputs from non-Hindu leaders is being factored while preparing text books syllabus for schools in Canada. Both Indian & non-Indian children should receive factual information.

Canadian Media: As Canadian Indians we owe it to our self to have a positive image of Hinduism on TV/ Radio, web and print media of Canada. Though we come from various parts of India with different languages, Negative press for Hindus in Canadian media impacts us adversely at family, school & career.

Information kit: As a first step, we wish to enquire if your temple has been approached by any Church under the banner of Hindu – Christian dialogue? If so, please do not feel isolated. You can reach to our experts who can be of help. You can receive a free information kit. Please include relevant information in your response.

Dialogue: We are successful in establishing dialogue with professors of religious studies, community / political leaders & Government at various levels. We hope to work with good will, and blend faculties.

The Dialogue Team