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Mail to Canada Temples

Post On:May 25, 2020

We wish to bring to your kind attention a few developments of Canada.
Corona and response of Temples:
We notice on websites of Temples of Canada that they have taken special initiatives towards reach out to Hindus during this corona crises. While its highly appreciative, it is disappointing to note that the Canada media has chosen to ignore these initiatives by Hindu temples of Canada. On the other Hand Islamic, Christian effort in this direction has been reported in Canadian main stream media
Azan controversy;
The permission to let the Islamic Azan on loud speakers is a grim reminder of “things” that have happened in India. More than one time those loudspeakers have been used for non-religious purposes. Wish to ask your thoughts on that sensitive subject. For example, the Islamic leadership has demonstrated unity in action on securing these permissions. Would this be of concern to you?
Hindu leadership in Canada:
Two law suits are in works by individual initiatives,
1) Against the Mississauga city on the Azan
2) A suit in defence of a Hindu who was terminated from peel school board for his tweet.
Wish to ask if they approached you for support or have you reached out to them offering support. Is this trend of Individual activism good or should there be a co-ordinated centralized approach?
3) Would you as a Temple and centre of authority, restrict yourself to Temple administration and Devotional work or would you be kind enough to extend your leadership to Hindu issues of Canada?
Perhaps you have already taken some initiatives and we would be happy to be advised accordingly.