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Our action with Vedanta Society – Part B

Post On:April 10, 2015

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We decided to pay a visit to Toronto Vedanta Society (VST)and this is our report.

Mr. Kripamayananda who goes by the definition (minister – a christian term) was not available and was in Ottawa. We met Mrs.Rina Chakravarthy the care taker & Mr.Buddhadev the reader. Our team introduced ourselves and the purpose of our visit was to meet Mr.Kripamayananda and desire to know the working of the VST
The lady Mrs.Rina Chakravarthy said she is 70 + with health issues which evoked sympathy from the team. But as our team member said her faculties are strong and her line of communication confirmed our fears!
For example she said the following
1) That we are activists groups
2) That some of their members were asking why Jesus picture is small
3) Was explaining how Ramakrishna paramahamsa had visions of Mr.J
4) Mr.Buddhadev on the other hand understood our visit and slipped away
Our team responded the following way
1) That Ramakrishna hardly spoke and hence the story of his visions are false
2) Why are churches nearby not having pics of Vivekananda
VST is aware that what they are doing is a deceptive work
VST is emboldened due to lack of protest and awareness by Hindus of Toronto
VST is being used as a platform by the church to enter other temples of Toronto. This is the key concern.
Next steps
We believe that VST should invite us for a formal dialogue on this issue of mis-use of Hinduism on many levels