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Another feather in cap of UT!

Post On:November 18, 2021

By Gopala Krishna

Nothing here to loose sleep about or write elaborately here.The images are self explanatory and the nature of the cast is not unfamiliar, nor is the narrative. Congrats Centre for South Asian Civilizations. The organizers are in camouflage as No Individual names are mentioned. Registered for the event, and the host did not let me in the zoom meet. Isin’t that funny? If they are soo confident of their purpose why should they be petrified of free speech. Sounds like a hatchet job with connivance of and UT, dept of south Asian studies has demonstrated yet another example of systemic bias.

trucks 6

First they denied entry and when attempted again, got this message. You guys are pretty amusing.
zoom meet UT trucks

trucks and trollies

trucks 3


trucks 2

simran kaur

trucks bw
Photo by: Himanshu Dua IG @roundearthsquarepictures