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Caste as a Academic activity : Toronto

Post On:January 10, 2021

race and caste

This seems to be a favorite subject of interest of Toronto University. This time they are trying to connect Caste of India and Race of & as practiced by western colonial powers. You can notice a interesting trend. The academic white mind at UT, seems eager to paste its colonial white guilt on Indian upper caste by equating its own atrocities on race with Upper caste atrocities in India. Perhaps it feels it can absolves itself of its atrocious past. While that can be a exercise in activity we are not sure if it qualifies as academic activity.The atrocities of caste in India, pales in comparison to atrocities by Race done by colonial minds. For Information of the academicians of University of Toronto, The Hindu mind never demonstrated colonial ambitions or actions! We at Dwarapalakas are sure that they are academic enough to comprehend this!