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CBC- Generating good faith on Indians?

Post On:April 12, 2021

By Dwarapalaka Team:
This was the title and reporting by CBC. The author linked the rise in covid cases of Maharastra and Kerala to the Hindu festival of Kumbh mela happening in a totally different state of India, UP.
cbc india covid
Now let us study its impact on the readers minds,
cbc covid 4
cbc covid 2
This was our mail to CBC
Looks like your new appointee based at Mumbai has started her “job” and our previous concerns to selective reportage by CBC are mounting.
If CBC or their associates followed the events in India since Covid-19 started, they would know the mass gatherings of Tablighi Jamaat who were officially linked to more than 80% of the corona cases at one time, Farmers protests (ongoing for months), election rallies and countless other occasions where crowds gathered. However, CBC chose to report one event linked to a Hindu Festival, Kumbh Mela. Why CBC is selectively attacking Hinduism? To link all ills of India to its faith? If reporting about violations of Covid rules is the goal why only Kumbh Mela? Please clarify the intent here?
Your reporting is guilty of creating a negative image of Hindus and Indians in Canada. Its no longer a passable joke. Been observing CBC for 17 years. There is a need for a radical change in the thinking when it comes to reporting about Hindus.