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CBC misreporting with Public funding

Post On:March 24, 2021

This was the first of our many correspondence with CBC

We refer to your article and its update on CBC FB post as re-produced below.
We have received a e-acknowledgement to the complaint we sent to you from your website on this. (enclosed below) As we have not received any further response from you we are sending this 2nd letter.
We wish to file a formal complaint on the following aspects of your article
1- The news bits inserted into the article was not done with journalistic fairness
2- It presents a incorrect and one -sided aspect of the story, that needs authentication
3- It was not written keeping in mind the pluralistic nature of Canadian society
Initial reports tell us that the above report has caused considerable anger with the Hindu community. We are initiating reach out to Hindus of Canada on this report to further assess their response. There is unanimity your article insinuates both character & Culture of Hindus. That article propagates the theory that the onus of responsibility for Violence in Delhi rests on Hindu shoulders only. That speaks of bias, condescending approach and absence of research on the sensitive subject. Your FB page has 2.3 Million likes. You have effectively promoted Hindu Phobia in that many likely minds. It negatively impacts Hindu adults at workplaces and Kids at schools. That is a serious violation of Hindu rights. Canadian Hindus are taxpayers and good Citizens. We draw your attention to “Respect and Absence of Prejudice” section in your Journalistic Standards and Practices page.
Before initiating the process of a formal re-course, we wish to enquire,
1- Source of news, with the religion / names of journalists who penned that article.
2- Was CBC misled into publishing that article or was it a deliberate job with hidden agenda?
3- Do you have a vetting process before news is published
4- Do you have a experts team who authorize publications to ensure that news is fair and in sync with high values of democratic processes that makes nations like Canada named as developed?

Our contact info is enclosed for you to reach to us to discuss the above sensitive journalistic breach.