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CBC – The Myopia continues

Post On:July 31, 2022

To Brodie Fenlon,Greag Reaume, Derek Stoffel, Ombudsman & Nancy Waugh
Ref 1: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/caste-india-canada-students-1.6450484
Ref 2: https://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/leena-manimekalai-kaali-film-poster-hindu-right-1.6519758
Ref 3: 1) Gurpreet Singh 2) Chinnaiah Jangam 3) Meera Estrada 4) Sailaja Krishnamurti & Jagruti Bhatt, 5) Laura Scaffidi, 6) Arti Dhand, 7) Chandrima Chakraborty
Both articles have succeeded in presenting not so favorable picture of Hindus. I am not writing here to ask you to present a favorable stories on the subject of Hinduism and India. You have your prerogative to decide on what you report. The concern here is the missing Hindu perspective. In our two years of communication we discussed extensively on the need of a Hindu perspective, meaning presenting both sides of a story!! The words of your former Editor in chief in his letter to us that you all (except Ms.Nancy Waugh) were privy to was, ” We hear you and all CBC editors are being sensitized to Hindu concerns and perspective”
But in both the references above, when the subject is about Hindus, Caste, Hindu goddesses, & Hindu religion why did your reporters failed to take a authentic Hindu perspective?
For two full years your top management team has assured us that you acknowledge the “missing Hindu perspective” in CBC reporting and it will be corrected. In fact in a zoom meet with you all (except Nancy Waugh) you promised that “Hindu concerns have been heard” and all editors of CBC will be alerted to it. The above two reports that followed does not have the Hindu perspective. Clearly you have back tracked on your assurances.
In both the above referenced articles, the bare bones research and laid back reporting of your journalists, have presented enough evidence to us to challenge you to a defensive position on the above two articles. (now do not resort to erasing evidence as you did with earlier on the radio posts maligning Hindus, when cornered! https://dwarapalakas.ca/erasing-evidence-at-cbc/) We will write to you separately challenging you on the above two articles later.
But for now Kindly provide evidence that CBC editors across all formats, TV, Radio, Print, & Social media wings of CBC have gone through “sensitivity training on Hindu the missing Hindu perspective in CBC”

Gopala krishna