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Global News Gas lighting Hindus

Post On:December 7, 2023

What link to that letter produced? Its gas lighting against Hindus. You think Hindus are that dumb to send a extortion letter with the words “Jai shree Ram” ? Its sad that Canadian media is a victim of propaganda against Hindus. I thought CBC was the only victim. Now its Global news too! This Punjabi “journalist” reports that these letters are sent to Chinese and white businesses. Basically trying to turn them against Hindus. And Lawrence Bishnoi is not a Hindu gangster. The letter shown in the opening of video is obviously fake. Hindus have a clean record in Canada and that is just too much to tolerate for “journalists” like this person! Forget extortion Hindus would not even claim a donation under the banner of “Jai Shree Ram”. The ignorance of white journalists is being taken advantage of by such dishonest Journalists. And a strange similarity, Like CBC uses oriental journalists to target Hindus, is Global news doing the same with the help of Angela Jung? Link to Global News Video