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Group of 14 – University of Toronto

Post On:October 25, 2021

To the attention of,
Sarah Richardson, Shivaji Mukherjee, Julie Vig, J. Barton Scott, Naisargi N. Dave, Kanishka Goonewardena, Francis Cody, Kristin Plys, Bhavani Raman, Ajay Rao, Kajri Jain, Radhika Mongia, Alissa Trotz, Malavika Kasturi,

Ref: https://dismantlinghindutva.com/academics-in-solidarity/
You are signatories number, 91, 207,208,230,266,270,581,588,589. 592,622,638,827 & 850.

You 14 were signatories in support of “Dismantling Global Hindutva” conference. In fact Ms.Kristin Plys in her communication stated clearly that the conference was not about Hinduism. We now draw your attention to the conference video above. Ms.Rupa Viswanathan has called for Dismantling Hinduism.

You signing in support of conference in name of academic freedom stands questioned. Before attributing motives to your action we wish to ask you if you signed up consciously or were u signing up in a spirit of “fellow-hood” Btw group of 14 is not a slur, its like G-8 or G-20 and not like the Chinese gang of 4!

Our letter in August to Ms.Kristin Plys, and our wait and act policy validates our approach to your action and its potential implications of you being a signatory in support of the conference. Her respect for the intellect of Hindus is a interesting call of action for us. It was a well coordinated conference though, white back end and brown front end. Congrats!


Looks like Ms.Kristyn Plys has not yet cashed the Uber lunch card we sent in response to her mail response, http://dwarapalakas.ca/ms-kristin-plys-university-of-toronto/

We really do not believe the group of 14 has the moral strength to engage in a debate with us. Lets wait for the appropriate platform!

Best Wishes
Gopala Krishna
Dwarapalaka Team – Toronto