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Letter to Canada office of Religious freedom

Post On:April 30, 2014

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Dear Dr.Andrew P.W.Bennett,

Congratulations on taking over as the chief of the Canada office of Religious freedom. This letter is being addressed to you as it concerns religious freedom. “One’s freedom to practice and the other’s freedom to preach.”
Evangelism is a fact in India. Unlike neighboring Pakistan and China, the democratic nature of India and the benevolant spirit of Hindus have welcomed Evangelicals. As a result the numbers of evangelicals have grown exponentially. However In the recent decade the focus seems to have shifted from JC’s message of love to a purely “number’s” game.
Christian workers of multiple denominations working in India are engaged in fierce competition between themselves. In the process they seem oblivious to the fact that they are encroaching onto the religious freedom of Hindus. I bring to your attention a few samples,

– Evangelical propaganda and activities are done steps away from Hindu places of worship!
– Christian pastors “camouflage” themselves with Hindu appearances to gain “access” to Hindu hearts!
(The images below provide a reference)

When such acts are questioned, the new age evangelicals use the persecution card as a tool to silence Hindus. They are well aware that the “persecution” story resonates well in the western media, governments, and public. If the act of Mr.Jason above is an isolated one, it can be dismissed, but its not. If you wish me to provide more instances of such acts please let me know.
A Christian evangelical cannot preach without being monitored in China. We are not sure if he / she can even preach in Pakistan. The fact that they have free access to India and a Hindu is a peaceful human being, does not mean that Evangelicals can indulge in “free for all”!The desperation of the new age Evangelicals is evident in the fact that they consider “poaching” from respected Catholic churches a fair game as well.
Considering the fact that evangelical organizations based in Canada are working in India, We wish to enquire if the commission has guidelines that can help them to stay on course in ethical evangelism!
Best Wishes
Gopala Krishna

This following people are co-recipients of the above mail: The office of the Right Honorable Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Stephen Harper, Members of Parliament, Canada, Members of Provincial government of Ontario, Members of the Journalist profession of Canada.