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Letter to Globe & Mail

Post On:June 15, 2021

This letter was sent out to all publicly listed Journalists of Globe & Mail

We introduce ourselves a Hindu advocacy, not for Profit organization in Canada. We take pride in representing a community that despite negative image, have demonstrated nonviolent, peaceful, and assimilating nature. We believe that is the language of civility.

We are writing to you regarding a series of reporting by Globe & Mail since 2013 and it continues to this day. We are referring to Ms. Stephanie Nolen. Her “breaking caste” series clearly sounds like a tacit support for evangelical driven journalistic agenda. In one of her articles, she came up with this fascinating line, “That evangelists help India to work for righteous anger”. May we ask, as to what would the act of triggering anger on the soil of another country be called? However, camouflaged it is, it is encouraging violence and the goal seems to be achieved as we are seeing that violence in the minds of born again’s of India on the streets of India.

Her route to journalistic glory is the “welfare of Dalits”. She highlights the issues of Dalits and connects their “troubles” to the most popular socio-religio-political currency in nailing Hindus of India “caste”!! And proceeds to deliver the blame on Hindu religion, while ignoring the British or Portuguese History that played a huge role in perpetuating it. And her solution for their troubles is embracing evangelistic targets.

India has been groaning and barely recovering from 300 years of British and Portuguese. History surely tells that they did not work in the best interests of India. They actively worked to undermine the educational and social structure of the country. Despite that, Indian intellect has self nourished itself and we see highly educated, hard working and intelligent Hindus, the best of whom Canada has welcomed.

Ms.Nolen, with a few strokes of her pen has put the entire Hindu religion under scanner. This has negatively impacted the perception of Hindus of Canada. We did not immigrate to nations that have a poor record of Journalistic ethics. We came to Canada for the sense of fairness that this great nation offers. And for Stephanie Nolen,to bring that politics of negativity to our doorsteps in Canada and mask it under the guise of Journalistic achievement is appalling.

That has impacted Hindus of Canada, quite bad. It took us 7 years for us to come out of that trauma to pen this letter. With help from experts and extensive internal discipline, we are now successful in writing this letter without falling to her trap of “triggering righteous anger” On a corollary note, we can say that with a baggage of residential schools and injustice towards natives of Canada, she does not get to preach to India or Hindus. White saviour ship cannot be an escape from that baggage.

Your website does not seem to have an ethics dept or ombudsman we can write to. Hence compelled to send this to all contacts at Globe and Mail. Requesting the receivers of this mail to forward it to the right person. We do believe that despite Ms. Nolen there are still souls in Globe and mail, who believe in fairness and inclusive reporting. It is only fair that we expect the good souls to respond. This anomaly created by her on your pages should be balanced out. It’s been a wound for too long.

Otherwise, we do believe that she is fine person, hard working and intelligent.