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Letter to His Holiness Pope Francis

Post On:November 8, 2016

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His Holiness, Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City
Your Holiness,

Introduction: We write this letter with respect to the leader of the 1.272 billion Catholics of the world. Congratulations on your excellent work. Your predecessors have worked to fix many things in the interest of world peace and harmony. Your holiness has also

– Issued an apology to the Bolivian natives
– Issued an apology to the LGBT community
Some key aspects of the Church are still providing fertile grounds for re-enactment of the church excesses of the past. In their quest to win new converts, Evangelicals in India are doing two things,
1- Competing with each other in eroding the norms of civility.
2- Planting hate amongst Hindus by a sustained propaganda against their way of worship

The stated evangelical agenda in India is “Conversion of all Hindus and erasing Hinduism from the face of earth” Such an extreme agenda is what organisations like ISIS or the Taliban adhere do. However I believe that the Church headed by you stands for world peace and harmony.

Request to you:
The genesis of this “hate planting” work is the statement of Pope John Paul II, in 1984 asking for conversions of Hindus. In pursuit of that call, some evangelicals are losing track of civility.
Our request to his holiness for 2 things

1-Issue an advisory to Evangelicals of India & visiting India on the need of adhering to basics of a civilised society, like being civil, courteous and polite towards Hindus
2-Repeal the statement of the Pope John Paul of 1984, and or issue a fresh statement asking for an end to conversions in India

Let’s assume that the church eradicates Hinduism from the face of the earth. What next? The world becomes an oasis of peace? Not really, because your holiness would acknowledge that both the world wars of the last century were Christian Vs Christian. On the contrary if you drop in a Hindu in a conflict zone, peace descends naturally. The world needs the needs the healing presence of a Hindu.

Hinduism has not preached in me hatred against other faiths. The inherent strength of my religion like love and respect to other faiths makes me to reach out to you. I am hoping this letter will reach the attention of his Holiness.

Respectfully yours
From the religion of Peace
Gopala R.Krishna