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Letter to Indian High Commission

Post On:February 2, 2024

Copy to: Canadian Hindu Association, COHNA, COHHE, Hindu forum of Canada, HSS Canada, Canadian Hindu & Key Hindu Temples

Dear Mr. Siddhartha Nath,

Please check this link and let us know your action.


Do you have a role to counter hate propaganda against India? Should negative studies about India under the guise of academic freedom be encouraged under your tenure as the Consul General? Please note the key words,

“Annexation of Kashmir”
“As the world attempts to grapple with its trajectory towards authoritarianism and a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ (Hindu State) –

Would you think that language describes India and reality? That hostile environment against Indians at UTT impacts negatively both the community and Indian students in particular. Dwarapalakas is a Canadian registered not for profit org that has been working along with other Hindu / Indian groups for raising awareness. We have been engaged in the fightback on this Hostility against Indians on academic campuses.

Your predecessor Mrs.Apoorva did intervene rightly so on the MUT / AGK / KP issue!


Gopala Krishna