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Letter to Public Editor – Toronto Star

Post On:January 24, 2024

Copied to Toronto Police, Toronto Human Rights, Hindu community leaders.

Hi Donovan Vincent & Bruce Campion-Smith,

Are you guys under pressure to publish news that defames Hindus to keep Canada Muslims in good cheer? Do you need that crutch to validate yourselves in your own country? “God keep our land glorious and free!” Are you not contend with current strife on streets on Toronto between Jews & Muslims? Would you want to open a new trouble on the resources of Toronto police by inciting Muslims against Hindus?

Why would you publish news that is partial in nature, misleading in purpose with potential to create strife?

Unblemished love by Toronto Star

Forget your lack of motivation to join the celebrations of a Billion Hindus worldwide, yet U want to use this joyous occasion to dampen their spirits? You want to interject your masqueraded pique against Hindus by reports that have the net effect of instigating Muslims against Hindus of Canada? Is it your motive to trigger extra work for TPS offices including hate crime unit by generating strife between Muslims & Hindus? And would you again take the cover of wire reports, & lofty ideals like Freedom of Press to cover up your avarice for reach?

If you are under the impression that Muslim sentiment is your idea of representation of Brown voice, then perhaps its time for course correction in your grey cells. Are you able to perceive the significance of the difference between 7/11 & 9/11? Our honorable PM Mr.JD, was epitome of free speech until the truckers protest hit his street!

Have your ever introspected your this love for Canadian Hindus? This is the 2nd hit job on Hindus by your newspaper in less than a month! Is a peaceful community bother to you? Is that the reason for you to dismiss Hindu sentiments? And then why would you want to mock Mr.Atkinson? I do not want to disrespect your intellect by making any requests here. You guys know what to do!

Check this religious freedom in India guys!!