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Mail to Distinguished faculty of Canada

Post On:April 1, 2021

Faculty of a select list of Universities of Canada received this mail:
I hope this email finds you well. We take great pleasure in reaching out to you as you are one of the few academicians in Canada who chose Hinduism as your area of research and teaching. Our motivation behind writing to intellectuals like yourself is the series of events happening in North American Universities i.e., University of Toronto.
Historically there is a general sense of interest in Hinduism, due to its vast diversity and rich texts that go into the realm of philosophy, Vedanta. Intrinsically Hindus of Canada, like Hindus worldwide, do not claim strong ownership of their rich legacy and that open up the doors for others to take supervisory control. It is welcomed as more people get to learn the theological validity of Hinduism. However, the very nature of its richness, seem to trigger insecurity among non-Hindu theologians and academicians, who then bring in distortions or make attempts to undermine its richness under the canopy of academic freedom.
From Wendy Doniger to Audrey Hushkey, there seems to be an evolving list of current and aspiring academicians who in our opinion subscribe to this school of thought. For example, In Toronto, there is a lot of buzz around Mr. Ajay Rao. The authority of the faculty on deciding student’s future, can potentially stifles freedom of expression by students.
While academic freedom is the foundation of free thinking, it is imperative that interpretations of Hindu texts remain true to the core significance of those rich writings. Since Hinduism is key to your academic research, we invite you to share your views on this subject.
Our goal is to ensure that Universities of Canada remain one of the best in the world that encourage top class academic work and also provide the best learning environment for students of Hindu studies. We believe academicians can play a pivotal role in sharing their learnings from rich Hindu texts in right spirit so that we can all work towards making this world a better place and a close family, something Hinduism stands for.
Signed The Dwarapalaka Team