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Mail to Global News

Post On:April 4, 2020

Please refer to this article in Global News Canada which is self explanatory,

Faith in isolation: How Canadians are praying during the coronavirus pandemic

This is our mail to Ms. Meghan Collie who wrote the above article,

Hi Meghan Collie,

A timely article. We notice that Hindu faith has been missed in your report. There are approximately 188 Hindu Temples of Canada. Hindus are over 1/2 a million in strength and have reputation of Honest taxpayers & Citizens. It’s a fair request that the Hindus story also be part of an inclusive Canada in news coverage.

I guess your reporting is nation wide but if have a specific geographical area of reporting we can connect you to the Hindu temple of your choice. Hindu temples of Canada have initiated various reach out programmes to devotees on Covid.

The managements of many Hindu temples are highly educated. They would you be able to provide you the required inputs for your next article on how the Hindu faith is responding to the Covid crises.

If Corona does not discriminate in its task, why would you do so? Trust you would receive this mail with the sense of anguish its written with.

Best Wishes
The Dialogue Team