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Ms.Kristin Plys – University of Toronto

Post On:October 24, 2021

Letter sent on 24th August 2021,

Hello Prof Kristin Plys,

Sub: Dismantling Hindutva Conference!

With all due respects, we are not here to discuss your ignorance on Hinduism / Hindutva.

The conference that you are promoting and its promo cards fit the description of hate speech. One example is that It borrows past visuals of 9/11 Islamic terrorist attack and applies it to validate its current hate narrative. To visually and subliminally suggest of a potential attack of that nature by Hindus. Peel police has confirmed that any kind of hate speech is not tolerated. We are sending them our full report on this conference. You are not entitled to receive that full complaint copy because complex things may perhaps be beyond the realm of “copy-paste-reply” academician like you.

We are in you backyard. Bet you are not even aware of the political factors oscillating between UTM & UTT!! Love your contempt! Your copy paste response to fellow Hindu groups, raises suspicion if we are even talking to the calibre of UTM & in Canada here? Perhaps you may be better off to organize a conference in collaboration with either Karachi or Kabul university. You may discover the sync that you are yearning for! Or you may find bonhomie with some newly elected Taliban academicians.

Brace! You are now obliged. If you decide to go ahead with your sponsoring of that conference, you would be opening the doors for future conference of the nature,
-Dismantling Jihadis: as its not the same as Islam
-Dismantling Evangelicals : as its not the same as Christianity
-Dismantling Khalistanis : as its not the same as Sikhs

If we challenge you to present yourself for a zoom chat on this, you and its ilk will probably chicken it out. Hence sending you a Uber lunch card for $ 25.00. Please order a budget favorite chicken dinner of your choice for yourself!!

We feel that you seem be one of the many western academicians who seem to make their career, Bread, butter and bacon out of India research and Hindu baiting!! Stay thankful! & We are aware that Its beyond your pay grade to disassociate UTM from this conference!

Gopala Krishna – Director
Dwarapalaka Team
Registered Not for Profit – Canada