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Post On:September 21, 2020

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Mr.Ramachandra Guha is a regular. He regales western academics with his version of India. Not sure if western academics demand that of him or he offers it voluntarily. Like L.K.Advani of BJP address to Indian media during the emergency rule of Mrs.Indira Gandhi, “You were asked only to bend, but you crawled”. This time the topic was, “Four fault lines of Indian Republic”


Our team presented a brief video report on his presentation.

Christoph Emmrich, Associate professor was there. He seems to “love” things India. One interesting observation was the presence of Mr.Haroon Siddique of Toronto star. He hugged Mr. Guha like long lost friends. To the best of our knowledge Mr.Haroon has not demonstrated any favorable news reports about India. Wonder what is common between these two “friends”

On return to India, Mr.Guha was quite vehement on his anti CAA protests, but when police man-handled him at Banglore, he switched loyalty and blamed Gandhi dynasty at a meet in Trivandrum. The police effect seems to have waned off, and now he is back to what he does best. & you all know what it is!

There was a silent consensus at Dwarapalakas, that this police detaining was an arrangement to win him more admirers in the west! And the Joke was perhaps Mr.Guha could qualify as the 5th fault line!