The Dialogue

Fellow Soldiers

At Dwarapalakas, we do not believe that we are the only group that is working for betterment of Hindus. We respectfully acknowledge that there are hundreds and thousands of Hindu organizations and Individuals who are working against all odds and with little support. We would never do any of the following
1- Criticize or identify faults with the work of fellow Hindu activists
2- Proclaim that our work is the best ever work in the realm of Hindu activism

Role of Temples in Canada

We strongly believe that temples of Canada should not be involved in conflicts / politics, be it national or international. They should keep away from strife and strive to maintain their key purpose. And that is practice and propagation of Hinduism both to Indo- Canadians and Canadians who are interested.

However Without moving away from the above core philosophy Canadian temples should find ways to engage community on core issues that affect the Hindu community of Canada. This becomes imperative as Religious places are a platform for strength for respective communities.

We at Dwarapalakas believe that while we can identify areas of working together, it should only have a positive impact on each other.

Respect for the adversary

Our definition of a adversary is one who has by action, words either spoken or written has demonstrated a hatred for Hinduism or wishes to defile or distort the core values of this great faith system. Once identified our goal is not to develop hatred or anger towards that person but to understand his / her motivation and engage in a conversation. The objective is not to turn a adversary into a enemy but help him / her grow out of that sense of adversarial behavior.

The Passive Hindu

There is nothing called a Passive Hindu. Every Hindu in his/her own unique nature are contributing to Hinduism. One needs to understand that a Hindu mind is not designed for conflict. For example Hinduism does not demand its adherents to go and attack other faiths or convert people. So it is simply not fair to hold a Hindu for in-action. The fact is they believe that a Abrahamic mind thinks like theirs. Hence our job is communication. If only we can succeed in tapping into the potential of the vast Hindu mind..

Janma Bhoomi vs Karma Bhoomi

That conflict is inevitable for any Indian who immigrates to Canada. Do we bring the conflicts of India to Canada? The answer is NO. We are here to respect the nation, its laws and people. Its important to be law abiding citizens and help to work for peace and prosperity of Canada. We shall work in the interests of both Janma Bhoomi and Karma Bhoomi. We also believe in Karma, any talk should be followed by action however minuscule it is!

Indian Political scenario

Our is a non-political and not for profit entity. Our goals are here in Canada and we work in three areas : 1) Academia 2) Temples & 3) Media . We have not been asked or invited to speak on behalf of any Individual or political party. Hence would not defend or attack anyone. We would not wish to receive flak on behalf of others. However if we receive a specific request to talk on a issue we will consider, based on the merits of the issue.