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Radicas – Mississauga

Post On:July 31, 2022

3105 Winston Churchill Blvd Unit 3,
Mississauga, ON Canada
Ph: 905 997 8119,

Hi Siva,

Many of your clients complained to us that you are playing Hindu religious programmes on your internal Tv. Screen shots enclosed. We wish to hear from you on this complaint. Was it a mistake on your part or are you doing it deliberately to trigger a backlash of Hindu religions emotions. Yours we believe is a bar that serves alcohol and not a place of worship. Hence its in-appropriate to display Hindu religious shows at your place. Is it on a loop? Even the name of your place looks like a corrupted version of the Hindu religious icon, Radha devi, the consort of Lord Shri Krishna. That does raise a red flag on your motives! If you are doing it consciously then you will be accused of violating public peace and harmony. We trust that is not your intention. Please revert with your response for us to decide on your motives!


Gopala Krishna