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To the Honorable President Mr.Donald Trump

Post On:February 11, 2017

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Dear President Mr. Donald Trump,

Congratulations on your stupendous victory. We want to thank you for acknowledging the positive role of Hindus in the run up to the election. In fact you are the first president to have done so. I am one of the many Hindus who supported you and now that you have become the president I have a request to make. Can u release one official statement?

“Evangelicals from USA who visit India should respect Hindu sentiments, customs, and traditions and acknowledge the fact that India is a Hindu country as is USA a Christian country.They should let go their aggressive evangelical objectives”.

In support of our request to you we present the following points
-Hindus were never the persecutors, even in India they were the persecuted
-Hindus are very friendly towards Christians in India
-Hence the number of churches have grown without any opposition of any kind in India
-However in their pursuit to gain more converts, Evangelicals from USA who visit India are indulging in practices that are against Christian values of kindness, respect and courtesies,
-Hindu tolerance is interpreted as weakness and Hindu space is being violated
-Hindus of India are groaning under such undue interference and are keeping mum so as not to offend anyone.

We wish to provide your supplementary points:
-The 2.3 million Hindu population of USA is very respectful of USA its people, faith constitution and are very law abiding citizens
-Hindus of North America do not indulge in acts that question the government or institutions
-Hindu religious leaders from India who visit North America always ask followers to respect the adopted country, traditions and be good citizens

We were not happy with what Mr. Barak Obama did. When India honoured him as a special invitee and chief guest on Indian Republic day celebrations he reciprocated the hospitality by speaking ill about India. We wrote a letter to Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime minister of India on that.

By virtue of being good citizens of North America, Hindus have acquired a right to request that evangelicals of USA visiting India reciprocate the good behaviour of Hindus of North America.

Best Wishes
The Dialogue Team