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Toronto star & its love for GTA Hindus

Post On:April 9, 2022

Good Day and kindly refer to this article link

Please refer to this section of her reporting,
kashmir files

We invite you to review this article that answers that question.


Fyi there are multiple reports that confirm that Jawaharlal Nehru University is a gravy train for many a politically motivated student. Many a student pay less than 10 $ per month that includes food and lodging. That free boarding provides a platform for STUDENT political activism for decades. The question to Toronto star, is how can it let its Journalists to publish articles without basic research? Now should we go into what kind of research went into her awards?

Why would your journalist indulge in such perilous writing? We question her motivation to slur Hindus on a sensitive subject like this. Is she under the impression that Indians in GTA are illiterate or perhaps no one would scrutiny her work? Want to ask you if you report both sides of any story. Does your Journalistic standards include terms like unbiased and both sides of a story? Challenge me by providing references to that effect on stories about India / Hindus.

The fact that your reporter Shree Paradkar was insensitive to the Killings of Hindus in Kashmir was well, insensitive on her part. But perhaps to give her the benefit of doubt, I see that she is a young journalist and is yet to understand the depth of pain behind this article she wrote. Makes me raise the natural question, Are you free newspaper that has the liberty to speak the truth? Or are you tied down by factors that restrict your scope of writing?

If I ask you to take into the Hindu perspective on any reporting that involves Hindus will that offend you? Would you hesitate to take the initiative to reach out to us for a factual response, free of bias or emotion?
For now kindly let me know how you intend to cover this biased report that generates Hindu Phobia in GTA!!