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Post On:April 7, 2022

This is Gopala Krishna and am thankful to Ms.Kristin Plys for validating key concerns pertaining to Hindu studies and Hindu Phobia at UTM.

She mentioned on Camera,
a) That I accused her of being a Taliban sympathizer!
b) That I threatened her by using the term “back yard”
c) That I sent multiple Uber gift lunch cards ( as in plural)
d) That some line was crossed
e) That I sent multiple emails

To answer her,

a) Never said those words! Re-read my original letter to her below! If she has comprehension issues she can sign up for ESL classes!
b) By back yard, It meant observing UTM’s Hindu phobia from here and not distant India. People from India asked me the same, “we are far away and cannot monitor it. I am in Toronto and in the backyard of UTT and I have a greater responsibility to monitor it. It ends there!!
c) I sent only ONE lunch card. Not multiple Uber lunch cards. Check original letter again. (Need to talk to campus security on this. If she false complained Plural, then campus security is withing its rights to that interpretation that generated the false reporting at CBC)
d) Every Hindu group of Canada is aware of the contempt in language of letters sent out by UTT/M on this subject. That single card Uber card was to gain your attention and it did. Thank you. Nothing more to it from my side & least interested in anything else. (And I am spending my hard earned money for your chicken dinner!!) Really curious to know details of the mysterious line that was crossed. It sounds more like a figment of her panic button imagination!
e) Is sending emails a crime? Are we in Canada or what? How many btw were sent??

Two lies in a row that too on National TV. That is validation of Hindu concerns. If a UTM academic can be brazen enough to do this on national Tv imagine the kind of viciousness that is unleashed against Hinduism towards anything Hindu, Hindu studies and Hindu related conferences in the privacy of campus walls and away from public glare! Look at the injustice towards Hindu studies. And our battle is against that dis-honesty not against any individual academic. And that battle will continue.

Can understand the journalistic fervor of CBC to find a fall guy of me. To highlight,
1) Before my talk came a protest was shown. I did not participate in that protest as I disagreed with the organizers approach,
2) After my talk it was told many other academics were threatened: Who me? Thanks for the joke CBC!
3) It was flattering to see me and Indian PM Modi being “framed” in the same segment!! Editspeak – did u get it? However I differ with his approach on many things.So thanks but no thanks!

All and any communication to UTM or other academics was done in public domain on this same page. Posted on website right away. Nothing to hide or be defensive about it. Nothing to lose sleep about! Peel Police can contact me by phone/ email or in person. Phone number and address is listed on home page of this website. Its time Police should take a serious look at what is happening under the banner of academic freedom. I welcome them for a serious talk on growing Hindu Phobia at UTM!! They are here to protect me as well. Not just the rich and powerful academics at UTM!

But to their credit CBC (though it could not resist editing theatrics) conveyed the message of either side. Congrats to them in edits to the core content” For example though Kristyn Plys said Uber lunch cards in Plural, CBC was careful enough to say it in singular. Appreciate this commitment to true words. But wait, will present my final review after the print, radio and web version!

Ms.Judy Trinh was cool as a cucumber reporter. She did her job as a journalist better than what Ms.Kristyn Plys is doing as a academic. In this report Ms.Judy Trinh presented it from the academics perspective and put Hindus the dock. In her next report she should look at it from Hindu perspective and put academics on the dock. Hindu Phobia is real, alive and kicking at few Universities in Canada! The sooner she does that report the better would it be.

The battle here is against the academic dishonestly and Hindu phobia at sections of UTT/M. They initiated this battle, and with immense firepower and financial resources they remain the Goliath here. I am the David here to speak UTM language. This battle will take time and toll on me, But Dharma is on my side and I will win the battle. No doubts on that. “धर्मो रक्षति रक्षित:”

Proud to conclude this note with the greeting of Jai Shree Hanuman!!