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University of Toronto – Campus security

Post On:July 31, 2022

University of Toronto Campus Safety
Special Constable Service
21 Sussex Avenue, Toronto, ON,M5S 1J6

Hello Mr. Michael,

We refer to this report https://dwarapalakas.ca/university-of-toronto-academics-interpreting-truth/.

Ms. Kristyn Ply’s quoted campus security and I believe you said, “sending an Online Uber card was a mechanism to obtain personal address info”!

Did you say that? I do not believe any professional security would say that. If you did really do so, wish to read the protocols of Campus security from your handbook. Considering this age of online world, and living in a developed nation like Canada, if your team made suggestion, it would be, perhaps the most tight-lipped security response ever.

Before attributing things to you, wish to have a official clarification your position. Wish to hear from your direct as I discount Ms. Kristyn Ply’s version. With all due respect, and having had the pleasure of looking at her “performance” on national TV, the consensus in the minds of Hindus of Canada was that she is in the right University but perhaps wrong dept. She would shine well in theatre or drama. Natural! & Multi-talented!

Looking forward to hearing the truth from a professional security establishment like yours!

Gopala Krishna