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TM.Krishna-Toronto-Sponsoring Hate

Post On:April 4, 2024

Letter to the Principal
University of Toronto

Art form world-wide has genres. Opera, Rap, Rock, Country etc. If someone puts forward an argument that country singing is biased against rappers, how hollow is it and no sane artist will support that line of thought.

Thats precisely Mr. TMK is doing to Indian classical music and to validate his argument did everything dishonestly possible to demean, disrespect a much-reputed music tradition. & UT is supporting him. Will it help if I spit details here? Trust me it serves little purpose. Like you as an intellectual carnivore is going to listen to an herbivore me! Hence sparing them for a later occasion. We believe he is operating at the behest of alien forces and funded by them. University of Toronto, should not be giving him a platform, as his actions have violated multiple parameters, that include,

Promoting hatred
Encouraging plagiarism
Violating human rights
Practicing racism

We by this letter are putting this on record that in hosting him, stands guilty of abetting all of the above.I tried to reach out to security to inquire about protest protocol multiple times. While UT is providing security to a person, who has demonstrated unfiltered hate towards Hindu identity, you have successfully closed the doors for any protest thus proving that democracy for you is a fantasy term good for ” academics” but not for practice. UT has demonstrated Hindu hatred, and this is not the first time.

We understand your thought process tends to flip on its principles to sync with political winds. You may feel secure fortified by tall walls and a security establishment of yours that cannot discern. Yet history has proved that the trail of justice will eventually arrive at your doorstep! I do acknowledge that you have multiple tools at your end to deny justice!

Gopala Krishna

Looks like he is playing to empty seats. Depending on how they arrange it, The capacity of hall is around 125 people.