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Post On:January 15, 2024

Toronto Star wrote a opinion piece about Hindutva. Our response to that was somehow not published. We re-produce our response below,

The emerging trend of Canadian academicians authoring phobic articles that have minimalistic research and WMD type propagandist in nature must be opposed by all Canadians.

Earlier in Dec 2023, the presidents of Harvard, MIT and University of Pennsylvania on Tuesday had to appear before the US House education committee to discuss their controversial and biased positions on sensitive political issues.

And Elon Musk intervened too. If Harvard was Twitter; he would have fired President of Harvard, Claudine Gay! This is so relevant to Canada as we are witnessing the emergence of biased academics at Universities of Canada. To explain in context lets switch to France. 100 French academicians wrote an open letter in Le Monde in 2020, and one part said, “antisemitic witch-hunts against so-called ‘Cultural Marxists’ that portrayed Jewish intellectuals as enemies of the state. Today’s enemies are Muslims, political antiracists, and decolonial thinkers…”

Currently in Canada, it seems to be the turn of Hindus to be the new enemies. The article by Mr.M.V.Ramana & Harsh Walia itself demonstrates anthropophobia against Hindus. Let’s prove it,
A)Accusing Hindus without the PMO of Canada providing evidence
B)Denying rights to make inroads into Canada.
C)No academician has received death threats from Canadian Hindus
D)BC – Human rights caste issue is non-Hindu. Then why smear us?
E)Subliminally linking Muslim killings in Canada to Hindus

In addition, personal details of Hindu advocacy leaders have been published online to intimidate. It adds to the definition of Phobia and validates the need for a Hinduphobia bill. 4 The new enemy, AKA Hindus of Canada, must be given villainous characteristics. Topping that list is the “Caste tool” that is an inexhaustible mortar fire ammunition. Followed by,
1-Discrimination on Dalits
2-Genocide against Muslims
3-Denying Khalistan.
4-Persecute Christians & the latest addition,
5-Oppress Adivasis (aka Indigenous people)

Hence Canadian Hindus must bear the brunt of the above 5 in any article / TV report. The goal seems to pit Hindus against every other community on earth. With that shared goal, sprouted the team up of Un-equal alliances. Engaging Hindus seem to entertain, fund, & nourish their sense of machoism.

While Canada barely has 200 Hindu temples, let’s talk the other numbers!
World Muslim population is 1.8 Billion and they have 3.6 million mosques of which 600 K + are in India. While the world ratio population to Mosques is 1 mosque for each 500 muslims its 1 mosque for each 35 muslims in India. India’s 27 million christians have 28278 churches while Canada’s 19.2 million christians have 7411 churches. India beats Canada 1 church for every 1000 christians to Canada’s 1 church for every 2563 christians.

Don’t the numbers prove that India offers unfettered freedom to minorities operate in India? In fact, this “reverse racism” card is used as a tool to bully Hindus into securing access to resources including land, Govt funding, & jobs” White Canada is no stranger to it & continues to yield space.

A study of Indian politics of 75 years will reveal the simple truth. Fact suppression, suffocation of Hindu opinion & torrent of allegations against Hindus are the reasons for push back & assertion of Hindu identity. If those factors are replicated here, that can only welcome Canadian Hindus further towards what the authors call as Hindutva, and we call as H-Hubs!

Meanwhile we read reports about Academic de-funding.
Harvard: Ken Griffen-300 mil / Iden Ofer-20 mil/ Larry Ellison-115 mil
UPenn: John Huntsman Jr 50 Mil & Mark Rowen 50 mil

CNN, Fareed Zakaria, says that “America is losing its faith in Universities”, “ Pursuing political agendas instead of excellence”, “Goals are political and social engineering and not merit”!

Academics of Canada should not be lending their names to articles that triggers hate against Hindus! Humanities, History, Anthropology, Political sciences & Religion! Micro-aggression on students by an agenda driven faculty needs to be studied! MV Ramana Bio mentions nuclear studies. He is generation behind to achieve fusion on this subject. Pun Intended! The threats of academic authoritarianism should not be discounted in Canada!