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Hindu Gods as a tool for academic advancement

Post On:January 15, 2022

By Gopala Krishna

This is the observations on the Book launch event at UT on 14th Jan 2022. Today is the Hindu festival of Pongal in south India. It is also celebrated across India as Makara Sankranthi, Sankranthi, Uttarayana, Magh Bihu/Bhogali Bihu. Is it interesting that UTT makes use of such religiously important days to indulge in their favorite hit job? “Hindu bashing”?

Wish we can say, the event was free of bias, wish we can say it had a pro Hindu agenda, wish we can say that brown academics were able to hold their self respect and dignity. I was not paid either to attend the meet or write this brief article. But truly amazed at tens of academics splurging time and a torrent of complex sounding English vocabulary, and with due respects to their combined ability to Camouflage it, the bias just refuses to remain anonymous. Thanks to their indulgence. The lady of the event Ms.Karji Jain said something like this, “large statues are a identity of Brahmin hegemony”. Something struck me at that moment. That after years of sounding righteous about it, UT dept of Hindu studies is finally embracing caste. In almost all of their work either of the terms are splurged – Brahmin – Caste. Welcome to the family.

Behind the innocuous book launch, was a cascade of “objectives”. Hindu activists and leaders of Toronto have little clue of the treacherous walls of bias that are under construction at UT. As for Prof Christoph Emmrich, with his curly locks, charismatic face, and with his adobe color profile code #FBE1C0, all he has to do is to smile-request it, “Brown servitude is delivered in royal obeisance # Kajri Jain”. Refraining to either write about her book or comment further on that but suffice to say the Hindu gods & thinking do provide platform for democracy of religions. Even if you abuse them, they are providing you blessings to enhance your careers!!

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